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12 February Scholarships Worth $23,500

Wow, January really flew by…!

Here are 12 scholarships with February deadlines – apply away before the month flies by!

1. Alcohol Addiction Awareness Essay Contest – Up to $3,000 – Apply annually by February 1

Alcorehab knows the dangers of alcohol and addiction, and is offering this scholarship to raise awareness. If you are concerned with the effects of alcohol abuse and addiction, share your vision and enter for a chance to win up to $3,000 toward your educational expenses!

2. moveBuddha Scholarship – Up to $1,000 – Apply annually by February 1

For the thousands of college students who enroll in out-of-state schools every year, the thought of moving far away from home can be anxiety inducing. That’s why moveBuddha is calling you to share your moving-to-college story, to help future students! The student who submits the best story will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship to be spent on tuition, books, or other expenses.

3. MusicAuthority Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by February 1

MusicAuthority is proud to offer their inaugural scholarship to current and prospective students and will be offering this scholarship on a continual basis to help promote higher education in the United States. Write a 2,000 word essay on how music has influenced your life, for a chance to win $1,000.

4. Poshified Scholarship – $500 – Apply by February 1

Ladies, this is for you! Write an essay describing what it means to be a strong woman and give an example of a strong woman who has impacted you. You could win $500 from Poshified!

5. The Levin Firm Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply by February 15

In an effort to make things a little easier for students and their families, Levin Firm offers a bi-yearly $1,000 scholarship to individuals who are have great ideas for car safety.

6. Boom Essays Scholarship – Up to $2,000 – Apply by February 20

Prove your research and writing skills and win a cash prize of up to $2,000 with Boom Essay’s Writing Contest!

7. Discover Card Scholarship Program — $2,500 — Apply by February 28

Sign up online to receive helpful tips on how to properly plan and pay for college. Just by signing up you will be entered for the chance to win $2,500 in scholarship money!

8. Elliptical Cardio Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply by February 28

Elliptical Cardio is giving away one $1,000 award to a student who can create a video explaining how fitness and education collide!

9. LAGRANT Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship – $2,500 – Apply by February 28

The LAGRANT Foundation is awarding a $2,500 scholarship to a student who best outlines their career goals and has the potential to increase the awareness of and embrace diversity in their community.

10. Parentinn Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by February 28

Parentinn will award $1,000 to the student who proposes the best solution to stopping cyberbullying.

11. Sweet & Simple Scholarship – $1,500 – Apply annually by February 28

Unigo is offering a $1,500 scholarship to a student who shares about the best gift they’ve ever received – so easy!

12. #ShareTheGoals Scholarship – $10,000 – Monthly Winners Plus A Grand Winner

Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you care for the poor, fight for your rights, and strive to make peace with everyone? Educate yourself and those around you and help create awareness for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, for your chance to win a grand prize!

#ShareTheGoals Scholarship – $10,000 – Monthly Winners Plus A Grand Winner



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