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TUN helps students achieve!

TUN’s content helps student successfully navigate their college careers.

Resource Content

TUN’s resource content covers a wide range of topics to help students achieve milestones.


TUN TV provides insightful interviews with thought leaders in education, career, and more.


TUN is a Google News provider and reports on Education and stories that students care about.

As student debt skyrockets and inflation hits families harder, the urgency to financially support students is at an all-time high.

We help students find scholarships, save on purchases, and earn money while gaining valuable experience.


TUN helps students find scholarships to pay for their higher education journey. TUN also helps companies create, manage, and promote paths for students through scholarships.

Student Discounts

TUN helps students save with big brands online and at local businesses on textbooks, food, entertainment, beauty, fitness, and much more.


TUN helps students find internships, part-time jobs, and volunteering opportunities, which are often the gateway to a valuable career.

TUN AI – the First of Its Kind!

TUN AI helps students with everything from finding scholarships to college admissions!

Drawing from a vast array of data encompassing billions of data points, coupled with advanced coding and thoroughly vetted content, TUN AI is your go-to tool for navigating the complex landscape of higher education.

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