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Let us help you with your Scholarship!

We love helping students & so do you if you have, or are considering offering, a scholarship. TUN has helped companies of all sizes implement, manage and promote their scholarships.

The University Network can assist you with all aspects of starting, managing and promoting your scholarship!

We can help you reach millions of students with a custom one-of-a-kind college marketing program.

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Starting a Scholarship

We can help you create your scholarship!

Goals –  We can help you create the best program that meets your branding goals!

Design – We can recommend the award amount, application requirements and program duration to meet your budget and goals.

Legal –  We can create the legal terms and process to  ensure that your scholarship is set up legally and satisfies the IRS tests for scholarships and grants.

Applications – We can design and implement a custom online application form with your company’s branding.

Manage your Scholarship

We can help you manage your scholarship!

Eligibility –  We will make sure the applicants satisfy the eligibility requirements

Review – Our scholarship committee will objectively review applications to ensure that winners are properly selected.

Reporting –  We will measure and and report back to you on key metrics

Disbursement –  We will disburse the funds to ensure that the award meets the IRS scholarship rules.

Promote your Scholarship

We can help you promote your scholarship across our extensive network of students!

Students –  We can promote your scholarship to students and their parents through our scholarship search engine, email outreach and more!

Schools – We can reach out to our relationships at schools to get your scholarship listed on their websites, intranets, social media and more!

News –  We can publish a featured article about your scholarship on Google News and our Apple News channel.

Social Media – We can promote your scholarship in our  social media – the largest social media reach dedicated to scholarships.

Why Brands Should offer A Scholarship

Scholarships are a fantastic way for brands to make a difference and give back to your community, while building brand awareness!  To learn more about the other benefits of starting a scholarship program, read this article we wrote.

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Starting a Scholarship Checklist

Here is an 11-point checklist we created to make it easier for you to start a scholarship program.

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Scholarships Help Your Company in Search Results!

Not only is offering a scholarship is a positive brand building effort and great for public relations,  it  also improves your brand in search results.

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