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With our scholarship management platform, we have created cost efficiencies so scholarship providers spend less on scholarship management fees and have more money to help students!

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How to Establish a Scholarship

TUN has helped organizations of all sizes implement their scholarships. TUN’s scholarship management services cover the entire scholarship application lifecycle. TUN offers one centralized solution and can ensure that you achieve your goals while helping students!

Create Your Scholarship

We can handle all aspects of starting a scholarship.

  • Goals – Develop a clear understanding of all your goals to ensure a successful program
  • Design – Create a scholarship to meet your goals
  • Legal – Comply with applicable laws
  • Application – Create a streamlined application that ensures students can easily apply

Manage Your Scholarship

We can administer every facet of your scholarship.

  • Eligibility – Ensure that applicants satisfy the eligibility requirements
  • Review – Choose finalists and winners in a fair and objective manner
  • Reporting – Measure the key metrics that are important to you
  • Disbursement – Distribute the funds properly Distribute the funds properly to support student higher education expenses

Promote Your Scholarship

We can promote your scholarship to ensure your goals are met!

  • Build awareness with students, schools and your stakeholders

Got a question about starting or managing a scholarship?

We will be happy to talk to you about our scholarship management services. Just give us a call at (917) 397-2650, or schedule a time to talk to us below:

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Goals – We can help you create the best program that meets your branding goals!
Design – We can recommend the award amount, application requirements, and program duration to meet your budget and goals.
Legal – We can create the legal terms and process to ensure that your scholarship is set up legally and satisfies the IRS tests for scholarships and grants. Unlike some of the other scholarship platforms, TUN does not sell student data.
Applications – We can design and implement a custom online application form with your company’s branding.


Eligibility – We will make sure the applicants satisfy the eligibility requirements of the scholarship program.
Review – We will objectively review applications to ensure that winners are properly selected.
Reporting – We will measure and report back to you on key metrics.
Disbursement – We will disburse the funds to higher education institutions on behalf of the winners to ensure that the award meets the IRS scholarship rules.


Students – We can promote your scholarship program to students and their parents through our Scholarship Search Engine, email outreach, and more!
Schools – We can reach out to our relationships at schools to get your scholarship listed on their websites, intranets, social media, and more!
News – We can publish a featured article about your scholarship on Google News.
Social Media – We can promote your scholarship on our social media – the largest social media reach dedicated to scholarships.

Mission Scholarships – For scholarship providers who are supporting a strong mission with their scholarship, we offer free promotion. We believe in supporting mission based scholarship programs that support social impact.

Best Practices!

We have created, promoted, and managed scholarship programs of all sizes and types. In the process, we have learned best practices, which we share below!

How to Start a Scholarship Program

We have created this 11-point checklist to make it easier for you to help students through brand scholarships.

Scholarships & Taxes

Here’s what sponsors need to know to avoid creating taxable income with their scholarship disbursements.

Scholarships as a Recruitment Tool

Companies are discovering that sponsoring a scholarship is a great way for them to recruit talent. Here’s why.

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