12 Fitness/Health Scholarships (Worth $13,500)

All of the below scholarships focus on fitness and/or health. So you if you love hiking, making juice smoothies, or even taking care of your skin, definitely take a look at this list!

1. Elliptical Cardio Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply by February 28

Elliptical Cardio is giving away one $1,000 award to a student who can create a video explaining how fitness and education collide.

2. Ivein Health and Wellness Scholarship – $2,000 – Apply biannually by August 31 & December 31

Intermountain Vein Center supports college students who choose to live a healthy lifestyle amidst the stressful circumstances of being a college student. Share your thoughts about healthy living for a chance to win $2,000!

3. The Fix Your Skin Annual Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by November 25

Fix Your Skin has been a comprehensive, reader-friendly avenue for skin care filled with DIY tips, and they are offering a $1,000 scholarship to three people who care about beauty and health as much as they do!

4. MTB Challenging Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by June 30

Mountainbikereviewer.com is offering a $1000 scholarship for those who have a special knowledge on cycling!

5. Montem Health and Wellness Scholarship – $1,500 – Apply biannually by March 31 and September 30

Create a piece of content between 500 – 1,000 words promoting a practical approach to a healthy lifestyle during high school, college or university years (whichever is relevant to you) and how these habits can be sustained over a lifetime. Demonstrate knowledge of health and wellness and discuss why healthy living is a lifetime endeavor.

6. Thank Your Skin Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by November 30

Write a story that’s 500 to 1000 words long about natural skin care. Your essay should emphasize the power of natural skin care and should be valuable enough to help other people. Show your personality in the essay, so make sure to take out general advices and cliches.

7. Start Standing Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply biannually by March 31 & November 15

In an effort to make things a little easier for students, Start Standing offers a biannual $1,000 scholarship to students who are currently attending or planning on attending college.

8. ES-Zone Healthy Living Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by January 31

The Es-Zone Healthy Living Scholarship is for undergraduate or post graduate students who are striving to live a healthy life!

9. Hiking Ambition Wellness Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply biannually by March 31 & September 30

The Hiking Ambition Wellness Scholarship is for high school, undergraduate or postgraduate students who are committed to a lifetime of healthy habits.

10. Web Content Writing Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by April 23

Exercisebikereviewer supports open minded and creative individuals who have the passion in creative writing by offering this scholarship every year.

11. Atcemsce.org College Student Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by August 31

A prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the student with the best essay about staying healthy and fit.

12. Luna Regina Healthy Eating Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by June 30

Write a 500 word essay on the following topic: Why is a healthy diet important?

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