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TensorFlow: Data and Deployment Specialization


Continue developing your skills in TensorFlow as you learn to navigate through a wide range of deployment scenarios and discover new ways to use data more effectively when training your model.

In this four-course Specialization, you’ll learn how to get your machine learning models into the hands of real people on all kinds of devices. Start by understanding how to train and run machine learning models in browsers and in mobile applications. Learn how to leverage built-in datasets with just a few lines of code, use APIs to control how data splitting, and process all types of unstructured data. Apply your knowledge in various deployment scenarios and get introduced to TensorFlow Serving, TensorFlow, Hub, TensorBoard, and more.

Industries all around the world are adopting AI. This Specialization from Laurence Moroney and Andrew Ng will help you develop and deploy machine learning models across any device or platform faster and more accurately than ever.

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Subtitles: English

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