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Genetic Models for Animal Breeding


Animal breeding involves the selective breeding of domestic or livestock animals with the intention to improve desirable (and heritable) qualities in the next generation. This course introduces the steps required to design a program for breeding animals and teaches the genetic and statistical concepts that are needed to build a solid breeding program. Follow this course and learn what the key factors are for improving and increasing productivity and learn what it takes to create and maintain a healthy strong population. You will learn how an animal breeder balances the need for improving the desirable qualities of the animals with the need for genetic diversity and long-term sustainability of the breeding program. You will learn about the scientific concepts in genetics that are applied in animal breeding, as well as how to apply the genetic models and computational methods that are used in animal breeding. Professionals working with animals will be able to use the knowledge from this course to understand the impact of breeding on animal populations and use genetic principles to make their decisions. This course will allow you an advanced starting point for further studies, such as M.Sc. level courses in breeding. Please know that knowledge of statistics at a 2nd or 3rd year university level is needed to follow this course successfully. For who Although this course is open to everyone, it is particular useful for breeders of: Cows Poultry/Chicken Horses Pigs/Swine Dogs Sheep Goat Fish Shrimp Professional Certificate Program This course is part of the Professional Certificate Program “Animal Breeding and Genetics”. Join the other course in the program, Evaluating Animal Breeding Programs, and advance your career as a breeder. The course is developed with financial support and input from the Koepon Foundationand the African Chicken Genetic Gains project.

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