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CS50’s Computer Science for Business Professionals


This is CS50’s introduction to computer science for business professionals, designed for managers, product managers, founders, and decision-makers more generally. Whereas CS50 itself takes a bottom-up approach, emphasizing mastery of low-level concepts and implementation details thereof, this course takes a top-down approach, emphasizing mastery of high-level concepts and design decisions related thereto. Through lectures on computational thinking, programming languages, internet technologies, web development, technology stacks, and cloud computing, this course empowers you to make technological decisions even if not a technologist yourself. You’ll emerge from this course with first-hand appreciation of how it all works and all the more confident in the factors that should guide your decision-making.

Price: $90 – FREE to audit!

Language: English

CS50’s Computer Science for Business Professionals through edX, a platform for education founded by Harvard and MIT.

CS50’s Computer Science for Business Professionals – HarvardX