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Agile Solutions for Greater Innovation


Innovation differentiates companies in the products produced, and the impact those products have on their customer’s lives. In this course, you will learn how innovation and speed are tightly linked,and the benefits of better targeting and solutioning in achieving faster benefits delivery. Faster delivery leads to faster feedback for learning; and faster learning leads to higher quality solutionsat speed. But beyond the emphasis on fast iterative development,you will also learn about the practices that create structure and space for innovation in Agile that are missing from traditional management. These paradigm shifts include: Delivering business value, not technical scope with User Stories Using Cross-functional teams and user stories to gather accurate requirements Leveraging constraints to derive creative capability solutions. Applying Test-Driven Design (TDD) to deliver better designs with less designing By following best practices of Agile, including timeboxes, constraint-based thinking processes, and empathetic problem solving, you’ll learn how to providea sustainable innovation environment for your teams. Upon successful completion of this course, learners can earn 10 Professional Development Unit (PDU) credits, which are recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PDU credits are essential to those looking to maintain certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

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Agile Solutions for Greater Innovation