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Why TUN Is The Ultimate Student Portal

There are plenty of online resources for students, but only The University Network (TUN) has everything college students need to not only survive, but thrive!

TUN is a one-stop shop for students, a complete resource platform offering everything from scholarships to career advice. We’re committed to helping students through the entirety of their college experiences, from the moment they start touring colleges through the process of applying for their first post-college jobs.

Here’s what you can find on TUN.

TUN Ultimate Student Portal

TUN News

Our news platform focuses on positive developments important to students. We cover groundbreaking research occurring everyday on university campuses in the fields of sustainability, technology, health, and more. We highlight important and awe-inspiring work being done around the world by students and faculty alike, demonstrating how universities are stepping up and shaping our future. We also cover any and all news relevant to student life, from research on the most effective sleep habits to stories on the most bike-friendly colleges.

Student Discounts

We at TUN pride ourselves on helping students save money. In our student discount section, we list all of the best student discounts available, including exclusive deals available only through TUN. Try using our Student Save Engine, a student discount search engine that will point you toward deals on everything from pizza to shoes.

Student Resources

TUN provides a wide variety of resources and articles in all of the following subjects:


We all know how costly higher education is. To help alleviate the burden, use our Scholarship Save Engine to find scholarships perfectly suited to you. You can search by grade level, GPA, major, state of residency, or scholarship name. Or you can browse through the countless scholarships we offer, some available only through TUN.

Textbook Save Engine

A semester’s worth of textbooks can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars if you’re not careful. Fortunately, you can use our Textbook Save Engine to find great deals on any book you need. Just search by ISBN, author, or title, to find the book you need. We’ll connect you to every online seller within seconds, so you can compare prices and find the best deal out there.

Job Search

Finding a job can be a struggle, but it is made easier with TUN’s career resources. If you’re looking for an internship, a part-time job, a volunteer position, a virtual gig, or your first post-grad full-time job, you can use our Job Search Engine to find an opportunity perfectly suited to you. You can also create a profile with us by uploading your resume, allowing employers to search for you through our portal.

In conclusion

From university news to our Textbook Save Engine, TUN is the proverbial Swiss army knife — TUN has everything students need to navigate their higher education experience.