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University of North Carolina Receives Duke Energy Grant for Wetlands

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) is the newest recipient of a Duke Energy Water Resources Fund grant to construct two new wetlands on campus.

Duke Energy’s grant which totals over $46,000 will go towards the wetland construction, which will be built on on their campus in March of 2017.

According to a press release, the wetlands will help improve the water quality and biotic diversity on UNCG’s campus, as well as provide many educational and research opportunities for students and faculty.

The eventual construction of the wetlands was one of the main focuses of the university’s Wetlands Project. The project began with a series of discussions and talks with university and Greensboro, Nc. officials, UNCG students and others.

According to the Wetlands Project website, there were a series of six goals defined for the future wetlands.

  1. Improve water quality of runoff from athletic fields in the receiving tributary stream to North Buffalo Creek.
  2. Increase biotic diversity with native wetlands plants and the succession of microorganism and animal populations.
  3. Provide educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines.
  4. Provide research opportunities for students and faculty across disciplines and colleges.
  5. Create a living laboratory for outreach in K-12 education projects, and community relation events.
  6. Enhance the beauty of our Campus landscape.

The Duke Energy Grant isn’t the only grant that will be used to pay for the wetlands. UNCG’s Green Fund is funded by a $2.22 student fee. Combined with Duke Energy’s grant, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro will use a grand total of $54,112 for the two new wetlands.

UNCG was one of 12 organizations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia to receive the grant. The rest of the organizations are as follows, as listed by Duke Energy:

  1. City of Greensboro, Parks and Recreation (N.C.)
  2. Land of Sky Regional Council (N.C.)
  3. North Carolina Museum of Art Foundation (N.C.)
  4. North Carolina Wildlife Federation (N.C.)
  5. Southwestern North Carolina Resource Conservation and Development Council (N.C.)
  6. Surry County Parks and Recreation (N.C.)
  7. Town of Elizabethtown (N.C.)
  8. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (N.C.)
  9. University of North Carolina at Greensboro (N.C.)
  10. Water Watch of Lake Wateree Association (S.C.)
  11. Pee Dee Land Trust (S.C.)
  12. Town of Halifax (Va.)

The idea for the wetlands dates back to October of 2014.