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The Lazy Student’s Guide: Study Tips

No one wants to take time out of his or her day to study. The worst feeling is when you know you have to study but you aren’t studying. It gets even worse when you finally get the energy to force yourself to study but you stare blankly at the page and get distracted by the way it feels to drag your tongue across your teeth. You would probably prefer to bite through your own tongue than to study sometimes. 

Here are 7 times in the day where you could study without taking up any of your free time.

1. When you’re brushing your teeth.


10 out of 10 dentists say you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, for two minutes. That’s four minutes of your time that can be used flipping through flashcards.

2. When you’re waiting on your laundry.


Even though the machine says there’s one minute left, it feels like 10 and that’s the same feeling when studying.

3. When you’re watching Netflix (instead of studying) and it gives you 30 seconds before continuing on to the next show.


In those 30 seconds you can quickly reread some of your notes— that way, it stays fresh in your head. (Maybe it will even help you to remember that the mitochondria is the power house of the cell after you just watch Frank push Zoey in front of the train in The House of Cards).

However, if Netflix asks if you’re “still watching,” maybe take that as a sign to stop watching and start studying.

4. When you reload Twitter and Instagram and nothing new has been posted…


Take that as a sign to study.

5. When you’re waiting on your food to reheat in the microwave.


It takes at least three minutes for the pizza rolls to cook completely– this is the perfect opportunity to rehearse a presentation or speech.

6. When you have to watch the 15-30 second ads when watching EMPIRE on HULU (because we know you are not paying three more dollars for ad free).


They show you the same ad four times within that one episode, so you really aren’t missing much. Instead, you could quiz yourself on how much you can recite in those 15-30 seconds.

7. When you’re working out at the gym.


Get in your Elle Woods phase of I don’t need a man and I’m going to become a lawyer.