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Road Bike Hub Content Writing Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply annually by May 30

This is an annual scholarship. Bookmark this page and check back each year!

This scholarship is a great opportunity for all the students who have a special interest towards cycling and the related health benefits.


  • This scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students.

How to Apply:

  • Create a (500-1000 word) content on “Cycling For A Healthy Life.” Include the following ideas in your article:
  1. How does cycling help you to stay healthy?
  2. How cycling deals with reducing obesity?
  3. What are the other health benefits of cycling?
  • Email your article in a doc or pdf format to
  • Along with the article attachment, provide the following information:
  1. Personal Information (Full Name, Phone And Address)
  2. Name of the School/College/University you are attending
  3. Area Of Study
  4. Any document which can prove that you are a Student

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: May 30

The article should be unique and innovative. It will be judged based on the factual data, usage of words and writing style. So make sure to create a sensible article within the given word limit!

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