Providence Real Estate Announces Scholarship Winner



Providence Real Estate has selected an outstanding high school senior as the winner of its inaugural Providence Real Estate Diversity Scholarship.

The winning candidate is Makena Angus from California.

“Our team is proud to announce Makena Angus as the first recipient of the Providence Real Estate Diversity Scholarship,” said Karen Phillips, Vice President of Human Resources at Providence Real Estate.  “Makena expressed a true passion for real estate and a desire to explore career opportunities with the industry. We look forward to following Makena’s successes as she begins her planned education at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).”

Last year, Providence Real Estate launched the scholarship program to encourage under-represented students to pursue their interest in a real estate career.

“Providence believes that higher education is a critical element in achieving success in the real estate industry,” said Alan Pollack, CEO of Providence Real Estate. “While no one factor can alone propel a person into the professional real estate ranks, education can provide crucial tools for overcoming adversity to achieve professional goals.” 

“We all have a part to play to ensure that every hardworking American has an opportunity to pursue success, and Providence believes that the Providence Real Estate Diversity Scholarship can play a part in more fully extending our collective American dream thus making the world a better place,” said Kevin Finkel, Executive Vice President of Providence Real Estate.

Providence Real Estate Diversity Scholarship Winner

Makena Angus

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