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Ortho Dermatologics Opens $10,000 Aspire Higher Scholarship Program

Ortho Dermatologics, one of the largest prescription dermatology healthcare businesses, has opened applications for its Aspire Higher Scholarship Program. The company is looking to award nine scholarships worth up to $10,000 each to students who’ve been treated for a dermatologic condition.  

Those interested have until April 27, 2020 to apply. 

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have been treated for a dermatologic condition by a dermatologist, physician assistant or nurse practitioner working in a dermatology practice, and given prescription medicine to fight their condition. It’s also mandatory that applicants are U.S. citizens and have applied to, been accepted to or are currently attending an accredited two- or four-year college, university or advanced vocational or technical school.

“The role of a student today can be overwhelming – from managing their academics to extracurricular activities, work studies and more. Adding the physical and emotional burden of living with a skin condition, which is generally visible to see unlike other medical diseases, can make it even more difficult, which is why the relationship they have with their dermatologist is critically important to help them properly address their skincare needs,” Bill Humphries, president of Ortho Dermatologics, said in a news release. “We remain committed to continuing the Aspire Higher program and look forward each year to providing more students who have been challenged by a skincare condition with the support they need to pursue their higher education.”

To apply, students must fill out an application that includes a 500-word essay, two letters of recommendation, a signed 2020 medical statement form confirming a dermatologic condition, and proof of college application, acceptance or enrollment. 

The nine awards are split up into three categories: three Undergraduate Scholar Awards will go towards those pursuing undergraduate degrees; three Graduate Scholar Awards will go towards those pursuing graduate degrees; and three Today’s Woman Scholar Awards are reserved for students who are mothers pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees. 

The scholarship winners will be announced on July 15, 2020. 

Ortho Dermatologics has been offering this scholarship since 2012. 

“Thanks to the Aspire Higher scholarship program, I have been able to turn my experience with a painful skin disease into something positive and help others who are suffering through similar issues,” Astrid Guervera, a 2019 Aspire Higher Scholarship recipient, said in the release. “I can focus less on paying for medical school and more on becoming the best physician I can be for my future patients and their families, where I hope to make a positive impact on their lives similar to the way my doctors have impacted mine.” 

To apply, click here.

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