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3 Tips to Focusing and Staying Motivated for the New Semester

It’s almost that time again for the start of a new semester! The break ends too soon for all of us and with the end of winter break comes the inevitable stress of classes. It can be hard to adjust back to the swing of things; but the good news is there are 3 tips that can help you out for this semester and the semesters to come.

Tip#1: Organization is key

The #1 thing to staying focused and motivated is organization. Investing in a planner is the most important thing you can do. Get a cheap planner where you can write out homework assignments, test dates, social events etc. It’s important to write down everything so that you’ll know exactly what has to be done. Physically writing things down helps you to remember them better. Utilizing your phone’s calendar is good for when you have upcoming appointments or events that you don’t want to miss. You can customize it to where your phone will alert you a day or a couple of hours before the event.

Tip#2: Ditch Social Media

Social media is a BIG distraction especially during school. Everyone wants to feel connected but staying on all the social media sites can distract you from getting your work done and you waste valuable time looking at people living their lives when you need to be focusing on your own. It can be difficult to stay off of social media but using it less, at least during the weekday, will be beneficial and help you stay focused. For your maximum benefit, it would be best to disable your accounts until the next break. If you want to start small, I would recommend deleting the apps from your phone or just leaving one social media account on your phone so that you’re not spending hours going back and forth between apps.

Tip#3: Remind Yourself of Why You’re in School

Being in college and sometimes taking classes you don’t like can seem pointless. For example, maybe you don’t get why you have to take that required Calculus or English class. You just have to remember why you’re in college in the first place. Maybe you want to become a doctor or teacher. Regardless of what it is, it is important to remember that being in college is one of the first steps to getting where you want to be. So knock out those required classes and really immerse yourself in the classes you voluntarily take. The classes you take are meant to make you a more well-rounded person and if you constantly motivate yourself and remind yourself of your personal end goal of college, you’ll become more focused for each semester.