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Lighthouse Self Storage Offers Student Discount

As if packing up a dorm room or off-campus rental isn’t stressful enough, one of the biggest dilemmas college students face entering each summer break is deciding where on earth to store their belongings. 

Throughout the school year, students tend to accumulate all sorts of stuff, including textbooks, clothing, electronics, and even extra pieces of furniture. Instead of paying for a moving truck and shoving all of their belongings back into their childhood bedroom before moving it all back to campus a couple of months later, students can benefit by using nearby self-storage during the summer. 

Advantages of using self-storage for college students 

Easier move-out day

There’s no denying that move-out day is one of the most stressful times of the year. Depending on how much space mom and dad have in the car or the moving truck, students often end up having to throw away or donate many of their belongings at the end of the year. Those who have a storage unit, however, can rest easy knowing they don’t have to sacrifice any of their belongings for the sake of space. In this regard, having a storage unit is a near necessity for those who have to take a plane back home. 

Easier move back to campus

For students, moving back to campus in the fall is a much easier process when their belongings are only a short drive away. Those who use storage units over the summer don’t have to deal with the stress of packing or paying for a moving truck to return to college.

Additionally, those who have a storage unit don’t have to rush the moving process. When given the keys to their new dorms or off-campus houses/apartments, students with a storage unit can take their time moving their belongings into their room, rather than try to do it all in one fell swoop. 

Extra space throughout the school year

While storage units are particularly useful during the summer months, they also come in handy all year round for students who are living with roommates in a small space or dorm room. To avoid clutter, students can keep only essential belongings in their rooms, apartments or houses and keep the rest in a nearby, easy-to-access storage unit. 

Lighthouse Self Storage for students in California and Florida 

Students going to college in or near Southern California and southeastern Florida can save up to 50% in student discounts at all six Lighthouse Self Storage locations, subject to availability. 

To inquire if a student discount is available for a particular location, those interested should call the company. The phone numbers for each location is available when you click on any of the locations below. 

Lighthouse Self Storage offers a number of helpful features, including free access to moving trucks, large elevators, easy online payments, and temperature-controlled units, among other things. The company also offers a guide to help users figure out what size unit they need.