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For high school and college students looking to volunteer outside of their country, International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) offers programs around the world. 

Students who volunteer abroad with IVHQ may reap more than the usual benefits of volunteering. They can expect to “become part of the local community, experience new cultures in an authentic way and leave behind a visible, lasting impact,” according to IVHQ. 

IVHQ’s volunteer abroad programs start at $180 per week and are available year-round.

How IVHQ Started

IVHQ has been in the business of offering low prices, fully hosted experiences and flexible booking since 2007.

IVHQ’s founder, Dan Radcliffe, started the business upon his return from a volunteer trip in Kenya in 2006. He had spent a sizable portion of his savings to volunteer in Kenya and was disappointed by the experience. Financially, he felt that there was a gap between what he paid and the actual cost of hosting him. He also thought that the program was poorly organized and didn’t make a lasting impact on the community.

So, Radcliffe sought to remedy these shortcomings when he launched IVHQ in New Zealand. IVHQ would make volunteering abroad “more responsible, affordable and accessible for all” while ensuring that its programs address the most pressing issues of local communities across the world.

Radcliffe went back to Kenya to meet with local organizations and adopt a program aimed at delivering long-term value to the community. He also went to Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam to screen, select and train local teams.

Today, the IVHQ team consists of “dedicated and passionate” people worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Argentina, Czech Republic, South Africa, the UK, Poland and Switzerland.

And more than 118,000 volunteers have taken advantage of IVHQ programs.

Volunteer Opportunities for Students

IVHQ volunteer programs stretch across Africa, Asia, Europe, the United States, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, the Pacific and the Middle East with more than 300 projects and over 50 destinations.

These programs are managed by local teams who understand the issues faced by their community and aim to deliver long-term goals in a sustainable and ethical way.

Volunteers pay a program fee, which starts at $180 a week and covers the cost of accommodation, meals, orientation and in-country support. 

IVHQ takes care of the logistics, including pre-departure support, preparation tools and training, for which it charges a registration fee.

IVHQ makes it easy to search for programs by destination, projects, pricing and trip types. So, whether you’re a high school or college student, you can find a program that suits your interests and budget.

Additionally, IVHQ has programs that cater to students specifically.

Programs for High School Students

IVHQ offers budget-friendly and safe volunteer programs for high school students in Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, North America, Europe, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Programs are available year-round for 1-24 weeks.

IVHQ also specializes in summer volunteer abroad programs for high school students in 17 destinations. 

Students ages 16-17 can travel independently and work alongside volunteers of all ages on 17 programs, including Portugal, Tanzania, Peru and Costa Rica.

IVHQ is currently accepting applications for its summer 2022 programs, including popular destinations like Costa Rica, Bali and Tanzania. 

Nearly 20 percent of IVHQ volunteers are teens, so IVHQ is knowledgeable about providing safe, affordable and life-enriching volunteer travel experiences for young volunteers.

For those who prefer to give back from home, they can consider impact-driven internships offered at Intern Abroad HQ, a division IVHQ, such as marine conservation, creative design, marketing, business, microfinance, social work, NGO support, human rights and sustainable farming.

Gap Year Programs

IVHQ also offers gap year programs for high school graduates and college students who plan on taking a gap year.

Gap year students can choose from more than 50 destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, the Pacific, the United States and the Middle East.

They can select from a range of IVHQ volunteer abroad experiences or opt to intern abroad or remotely with Intern Abroad HQ. A combination of all three is an option for those who want to give back and gain international work experience – whether in preparation for college or the workforce – at the same time.

And students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare have a wide range of medical gap year volunteer programs and medical internships to choose from. 

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