How PowerToFly Helps Students Find Jobs and Develop Careers

Whether you’re a student on an active job hunt or merely exploring potential career possibilities, PowerToFly has the resources to help you – for free.

Since 2014, when it was founded by Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski, PowerToFly has been carrying out its mission to promote economic equity in the workplace “by upskilling and connecting underrepresented talent to roles in highly visible sectors.”

The company’s client base includes Fortune 50 companies and fast-growing startups who are committed to building diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) environments “for underrepresented talent to thrive.”

Job Search

Students can apply for jobs at companies through individual company pages hosted on PowerToFly’s website. A company’s page – take Google’s, for example – typically includes a description of the company, event highlights, job postings, DEI policy and company insights. 

There is also the option to search for a job by title, skill or company here, where you can select a broad “all jobs” or a narrower “remote jobs” parameter. 

Virtual Events

Additionally, PowerToFly hosts virtual events, such as monthly job fairs and client-hosted events, that can help students connect with employers and secure a job. It is, in fact, these events that help the “majority of people find new roles,” according to PowerToFly.

Students can easily check for upcoming events and register for the ones they’re interested in. On July 11, for example, PowerToFly will host “How to Create Impactful and Creative Presentations” with guest host Rebecca Leppard, author and founder of Upgrading Women, guiding participants on how to convey effectively and concisely.

On July 22, Mandy Fordah, senior manager of Talent Acquisition at Mindbody, will join PowerToFly in “Tips to Excel in Your Next Interview,” during which she will share her key interview tips. 

And on July 25, participants in “How to Build a Successful Career in Software and Data” will hear from Tiffany Hu, senior software engineer at SeatGeek, who will share her insight.

Students can also learn from PowerToFly’s library of past events, which offers guidance on many career topics, such as “Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn,” with guest host Diana YK Chan, LinkedIn Top Voice in Careers & Job Search of 2022, and “Breaking Down the Fundamentals of Networking” with career coach Rachel Serwetz.

Networking & Company Insight

PowerToFly also hosts networking events with companies, which gives students the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and learn firsthand about their company, work culture and building their dream career. On July 14, for example, those who sign up for  “Build Your Success Story with American Express,” can connect with American Express and learn from its leaders.

In addition, PowerToFly has a video library through which students can learn all about the application and interview process at their favorite companies, get tips from professionals in their field, get a glimpse of what it’s like to work on different teams at their favorite companies, and learn about upskilling opportunities.

Written Resources

Students can also access PowerToFly’s written resource content, which includes articles on DEI, career navigation, self-advocacy, self-awareness and allyship. 

PowerToFly makes all of these resources available for free, so students can get the aid they need for career development and personal growth. 

Additionally, for those who can afford it, PowerToFly has an individualized mentorship and coaching program for which it charges a fee.

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