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How Being Undecided Can Help You in the Long Run

Are you worrying because you are “undecided” about your major? You shouldn’t. Sometimes “Undecided” is the best major choice.

While some college students may know from the start of their freshman year what they will major in, many of us have no clue. And some, like me, may have an inkling but end up changing their minds midway through college. And that’s quite all right.

In my junior year of high school I was set on psychology as a career choice, but once I started freshman year in college, I was no longer sure that I wanted to continue on that route. Although I found psychology interesting, the profession no longer resonated with me. So I chose psychology as my minor, and I’ve been an undecided major until recently, now in my junior year.

Being undecided for college can be a good thing. This means you’re free to take a variety of classes  – you’re not limited to the classes only for your major. This will help you figure out what you like and make it easier for you to choose the right major. You can also use the time to get your general requirement classes out of the way.

Choosing a major too early can sometimes cost you money. When you start off with one major and then two years into your college career figure out it was the wrong move,  you may end up staying in school longer.  Yikes!

If you’re not quite sure about the career path you want, it’s okay. College is about new experiences and the classes you take can expose you to a lot of things and inevitably help you out in the long run. I’ve taken a mix of business, psychology, journalism, and creative writing classes, and it’s been great getting to see what I like and what I don’t like. I’ve learned that business law is definitely not for me and that film writing is incredibly fascinating.

Now, as a junior in college, I’ve finally decided on a Corporate Communications major. Taking the past two years to figure out what I wanted to study really helped me with my decision. Now I sign up for classes that I actually want to take because I’ve gotten most of the required classes out of the way and I’m more confident on what I want to study.

So my advice to all college students is to just take your time and see what’s out there. Take different classes or join clubs you never would have thought of joining. Once you find what you like, you’ll be a lot more motivated and get the most out of your time in college. All of this can help you make the right decision. There’s absolutely no rush; just enjoy the ride and you’ll find out what you want to do.