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Google Will Fund 100K Scholarships For 3 New Tech Certificates

To help support the country’s economic recovery, Google is launching three new certificate programs that could help Americans, with or without a college degree, develop new skills and land jobs in high-paying, high-growth fields. 

Google’s new certificate programs are in the fields of data analytics, project management and user experience (UX) design. The current median annual wages for data analysts, project managers and UX designers are $66,000, $93,000 and $75,000, respectively.

The certificate programs, which are expected to take 3-6 months to complete, will be offered through the online course provider Coursera. Although Google has not yet announced the cost of the certificate programs, it will fund 100,000 need-based scholarships.

“College degrees are out of reach for many Americans, and you shouldn’t need a college diploma to have economic security,” Kent Walker, Google’s senior vice president for global affairs explained in an announcement. “We need new, accessible job-training solutions — from enhanced vocational programs to online education — to help America recover and rebuild.”

The certificate programs are designed and taught by Google employees who currently work in these fields. In addition to helping people land new jobs, these programs could provide entrepreneurs with the skills they need to adapt their businesses to an increasingly digital world. 

“Technology has been a lifeline to help many small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis,” Walker explained. “And online tools can help people get new skills and find good-paying jobs. Nearly two-thirds of all new jobs created since 2010 require either high-level or medium-level digital skills. This presents a challenge for many job seekers, as well as to America’s long-term economic security. People need good jobs, and the broader economy needs their energy and skills to support our future growth.”

Google will consider the new career certificates equivalent to a four-year degree when hiring for related roles. 

And those who complete a certificate program will also be considered for jobs at some of the world’s leading companies, including Hulu, Sprint and Walmart, which are part of Google’s growing IT Certificate Employer Consortium

Google also offers hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities to help certificate program graduates earn on-the-job training. 

And starting in the fall, the certificates will gradually be offered in Career and Technical Education high schools throughout America. 

The company’s new certificates are just its latest additions to its Grow with Google initiative, which, since 2017, has helped create pathways into tech careers for people who don’t have college degrees. 

Since 2018, Google has offered an IT Support Professional Certificate, which is currently the most popular certificate program on Coursera and continuously provides a pathway to jobs for groups that are underrepresented in the tech industry. Fifty-eight percent of its participants identify as Black, Latinx, female or veteran. 

And about six months ago, Google launched the Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate. Currently, Python is the most in-demand computer programming language. 

“As America rebuilds our local communities, it’s important to start with the people that give them life,” Walker explained. “Since 2017, we’ve helped 5 million Americans learn digital skills through Grow with Google and we promise to do our part to help even more people prepare for jobs, creating economic opportunity for everyone.

The three new certificate programs are not yet available. However, those interested can sign up here to receive notifications regarding when the courses will be available.