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7 Benefits of Joining Your Campus Newspaper

Are you looking to get involved on campus? Do you enjoy current events? Do you have a passion for writing? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your campus newspaper is the perfect organization for you to join.

There are many benefits of writing for your campus newspaper. Listed below are a few of them!

1. Meeting new people

If you join your campus newspaper, you will probably spend a lot of your time there, which is the perfect opportunity for you to meet people and make new friends. The other students in the organization are likely there for the same reason that you are, so you will probably have similar interests.  They might like to read, write and talk to people, just like you. Joining the campus newspaper can be a way for you to build friendships and get inspired by your colleagues.

2. Building a writing portfolio

Joining the campus newspaper is especially beneficial if you want to develop a career in writing, and working for a campus publication will help you stand out. Your experience will be a great addition to your resume. In addition, your articles may work as writing samples in the future if you want to join other organizations.

3. Getting involved on campus

Not only will you become involved on campus by joining the campus newspaper, but you can become even more involved by going to other campus events to cover them for stories. You will have even more opportunities to meet people and get to know your peers and faculty better. You will always be up to date with all the campus and community events.

4. Publication of your work

When your articles are published in the campus newspaper, other people will be reading your work and may even give you feedback. Publishing through your campus newspaper is the perfect way to display your writing skills and get your work out there. It could also lead to larger publications picking up an article you wrote and linking it to their websites, which would look great on your resume and add to your credibility as a college journalist.

5. Preparing for your future

Your experience in the campus newspaper can open the door for leadership opportunities, such as an editor or even the editor-in-chief. You will be well prepared for many kinds of administrative jobs in the future. In addition, as a college journalist, you have the chance to do proper reporting. Rather than learning about it in a lecture, you will learn as you go. This means you will adjust to a writing environment faster than those who don’t have the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

6. Great way to make connections

College journalists have the opportunity to speak to a wide range of people, from college faculty members to experts from organizations around the country. These stories and conversations can lead to professional relationships that will work to your advantage when you are looking for jobs in the future.

 7. Increase your knowledge base

One of the benefits of journalism is that it allows reporters to learn about many different topics as you research stories or events. You will build your knowledge of current events  and other topics that you are researching and writing about.

Students who join their campus newspaper will only benefit from doing so. Not only do you stay on top of college events, but you also increase your networking opportunities and get real-life exposure to the publishing industry. It is one of the few jobs offered on campus that will prepare you for the future and benefit your life after college.