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Breakup With Your Cell Phone

To cell phone addicts everywhere just trying to focus. . .

You know you are a cell phone addict if:

1. You are constantly on your phone scrolling through the same Instagram posts multiple times in a minute.

2. You get distracted from work or school. And your employer, teacher or friend have told you multiple times to stop.

3. But you still have the need to endlessly scroll on Facebook or Instagram only to see the same things over and over.

If these apply to you, then you, my friend, are an addict. 

Separating yourself from your phone is a difficult task. [I should know, since I am a classified cell phone addict ]. But you need to. Excessive technology use is creating a world full of distractions. We [cell phone addicts] are constantly compromising our work ethic and relationships. Our cell phones and computers are substituting human contact, as we hide behind our screens. The madness NEEDS to end.

Save yourself.

Here are 6 steps to breaking up with your cell phone.

Step 1: Become aware and accept your addiction.

Checky– A must-have app that is super simple & keeps count of how many times you unlock your phone. Seems super counterintuitive right?! You are using your phone, to see how many times you use your phone. Nonetheless, becoming aware is the first step to recovery.

Step 2: Create a limit for yourself.

Cutting off phone usage cold-turkey is not always effective. Create time limits for your phone usage by downloading the app Moment. Moment tracks how many minutes you have been Facebook stalking, texting, Tweeting & overall phone using! You can even set time restraints, & the app will send you notifications when you come close to your limit or exceed the time. The app will also send you “nudges” when you are spending more than 10 minutes on your phone. Cut back.

Step 3: Get Active!

Creating a list of “to-dos” will allow you to be active and not focus on your phone. We [cell phone addicts] mostly check our phones when our A.D.D takes over, & we are sitting in one place for too long. Amiright? Making a checklist will have you active, efficient, & on your feet! You won’t be checking your phone constantly.

Step 4: Turn off notifications!

Yup, you read right: turn off all of your notifications during school or work hours. The sound of a ring or a vibration encourages us to check our recent notification- I mean it is a human trait demonstrated by the experimenter, Pavlov [i.e.Pavlov’s dog]. To correct our immediate response rate, we must turn off all notifications. Yes, I said all. You will thank me when your cell phone addiction is cured. You’re welcome.

Step 5: Sign off social media applications.

Every time you sign off social media applications you need to re-enter your username & password. Signing out when you are done using the app will sway you away from mindlessly scrolling. You will have to think before you begin your mindless adventure in the app, further distracting yourself from work.

Step 6: Don’t bring your phone into a work meeting or class.

Make sure your phone is put away during class or a work meeting. Having your phone distracts you from taking crucial notes that can affect your work. If leaving your phone behind is too hard, then put it on do not disturb mode, so your screen does not light up. You won’t see the notifications pop up and constantly wonder who texted you. Be responsible and put the phone down.

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