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A Sustainable Future Through Solar Energy Scholarship – $2,000 – Apply biannually by February 15 & August 15

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Scholarship Summary

Sullivan Solar Power is proud to offer “A Sustainable Future Through Solar Energy Scholarship,” which will reward $2,000 twice a year to high school seniors or current college students.

Is making a difference in the world part of your career goal? Submit an essay about how you can use your field of study to help achieve a more sustainable future for a chance to win $2,000.
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled college students and high school students who will be attending college after graduation.
  • Students must have at least one parent or grandparent who is an immigrant to the United States.

How to Apply:

  •  Write an essay between 500 to 1,000 words about the following topic: Sullivan Solar Power believes that every person can make a difference in the quest for a sustainable future, regardless of field of study. Explain to us how you plan to use your education to help to achieve this goal.
  • Email with the subject “SSP Scholarships” and include an attachment of your essay.
  • If you prefer to send a hard copy, you can send it to the following address:

Sullivan Solar Power
Attn: Human Resources
8949 Kenamar Drive, Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92121

Deadline: February 15 & August 15

Amount: $2,000

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