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4 Tips for a Better Interview

Applying for jobs/internships is a super stressful, sometimes complicated process. You’ve turned in your resume and spent a few weeks waiting, and now it’s time for the interview. Interviews can seem pretty high-stakes, especially if you really want the job/internship you’ve applied for. However, they don’t have to be as scary as you think! Read on for four tips on how to have a better interview.

1. Prepare more effectively

The best way to have a great interview is to be fully prepared for it. This means having a general sense of what the company is and what it stands for, the job description and what you would be responsible for, as well as the questions you may be asked in the interview and your possible answers to them.

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2. Relax

Being a little nervous is normal, but the best possible thing you can do is try to relax while in an interview. Take a few calming breaths before you head in, and make sure to do so again whenever you feel worried or can’t think of an answer to the question being asked. By taking a few seconds to calm down, you will also have the time to think up a better response.

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3. Be yourself

While it may seem awkward to be in this situation with someone you likely haven’t met before, it’s important to stay calm and be yourself. You may feel the need to come across as super professional or reserved, but it’s best to just act like how you normally act. This doesn’t mean being rude or inappropriate, of course.

4. Remember everything will be okay

Although interviewing isn’t easy, remember that everything will turn out just fine. Whether or not you get the job/internship or not, you at least had another interview experience out of the way that will help you do better on the next one. If you don’t get offered this one, there are plenty of other opportunities out there that will be a better fit for you. So don’t get discouraged, and never give up!

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