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30 Things You Can Do With a Bottle of $6 Apple Cider Vinegar

There is a health craze going on with apple cider vinegar, and incorporating it into your daily diet to burn fat, curb cravings, and speed up metabolism is becoming more and more common. However, that is not all that apple cider vinegar can do for you. The components found in apple cider vinegar can be used as an antiseptic and antibiotic and much more.  

I think every college student needs a bottle of apple cider vinegar. You are running around college campus trying to get everything done in a single day, so you could use the benefits that apple cider vinegar brings.

A bottle of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar costs around $6 – no, I am not kidding.

Grab a bottle of apple cider vinegar, and I will give you 30 solid reasons as to how $6 can go such a long way!

  1. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a face toner as a daily morning routine to prevent breakouts and fight fine lines and wrinkles. It is difficult to keep up with a daily face wash routine, but this is simple. Just wipe your face with a little apple cider, rinse and you are good to go!  Not only does it prevent and relieve breakouts short-term, but it helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles long-term.
  2. Dilute a splash of apple cider vinegar with water and drink it to soothe an upset stomach. School tends to get very stressful with exams and assignments building up, which can cause an upset stomach. Who has time for that? A little apple cider vinegar, and the stomach pain should ease up in a few minutes so you can get back to your day!
  3. Mixed with water, it can be used as an antiseptic to clean any spills or dust around your room. It’s not easy keeping up with the cleaning of a dorm, but one bottle of apple cider will do the job for such a small space.  You can even add an essential oil to the mixture to get a different fragrance.  
  4. A spoonful of apple cider vinegar helps the hiccups go down!  Hiccups can be a pain if you are like me; they stay for hours and distract me while I am trying to finish my school assignments.
  5. Get rid of bad breath instantly by gargling with apple cider vinegar diluted with water for 10 seconds. Sometimes takeout at the school dining hall leaves a permanent aftertaste no matter how many times you brush your teeth. Gargle with diluted apple cider vinegar and get rid of that bad breath permanently.
  6. Clean fruits and veggies with apple cider vinegar before eating them. Grabbing some fruit from the cafeteria, or having it laying around in your dorm room, means the outside of the fruit probably is not something you want to bite into. Rubbing the fruit down a little bit and then rinsing with some apple cider vinegar cleans the fruit, so it’s safe and clean enough to eat!  It kills germs and helps prevent illnesses as well.
  7. Fix a sore throat by drinking apple cider vinegar and water once a day until your throat is no longer sore.  If you feel a sore throat coming on while going about your day, drink this before going to bed for about a week so you prevent a cold from coming and get rid of that sore throat too.
  8. If you have leg cramps, rub a little apple cider vinegar right on the spot to ease muscle pain. No need for Icy Hot or Tiger Balm, when apple cider vinegar can do the trick.  Rub this on any muscle pain and then take a hot shower to ease the discomfort.
  9. Apple cider vinegar also detangles hair. After you shampoo, apply it to the ends of your hair and comb through, and then apply hair conditioner.  The treatment will leave your hair smooth and shiny.
  10. Fight sinus congestion by taking a straight shot of apple cider vinegar.  It’s easy to get a sinus infection in winter with so many students getting sick.  To prevent a visit to the doctor, drink your fluids and take a shot of magic to get rid of that congestion!
  11. Gargling with apple cider vinegar not only kills bad breath but leaves teeth white afterwards. There’s no need to spend loads on whitening strips, which could be hard on your college budget; just gargle some of this stuff, and you will be just fine.
  12. Kill bacteria in the mouth by gargling with apple cider vinegar.  Keeping bad bacteria out of the mouth area can really help in keeping the immune system up, especially during the season when it seems that everyone is coughing around you.
  13. Leave some apple cider vinegar in the hair after shampooing to prevent dandruff, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious anymore. The student sitting behind you will no longer be staring at all the flakes on your head.  Use apple cider vinegar as a cheap way to keep the dandruff away!
  14. Soothe sunburn or a burn by rubbing a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar on the affected surface.  It will keep the skin from peeling and save it from any scarring.
  15. It may sound weird, but apple cider vinegar can be used as a deodorant when you run out and don’t have time to run to the supermarket. Put a little on your hand and rub under each underarm, let try and get your day going.
  16. Apple cider vinegar can stop smelly feet if you put a little on your feet before putting your shoes on. It helps keep the smell away so you can wear your shoes all day going about your day.
  17. Apple cider vinegar helps bruises fade faster on the body.  Just rub it right onto the bruise for a few days, and it will fade faster than it usually would on its own.
  18. Use it as a dressing on salads instead of regular vinegar for a healthier salad. It is usually best when mixed with a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper and drizzled right on the salad for a great taste.
  19. Throwing some apple cider vinegar in your water, or taking a straight shot, will give you a boost of energy! Save the pre-workout and the loads of coffee, and just take a swig of this stuff for a great pick-me-up so you can get things accomplished.
  20. Apple cider vinegar helps with nausea, especially when mixed with a little bit of ginger ale or plain ginger. School can leave you feeling a bit queasy with all the stress of classwork, social life and relationships.  
  21. Apple cider vinegar helps relieve asthma because it restores the pH balance of the body, which can help stop the wheezing of asthma. Mixing apple cider vinegar with some warm water and honey is the best way to use it to prevent an asthma flare-up or when you feel like one is coming.
  22. It helps relieve allergies by working the same way as it does with helping relieve asthma. Making the body more alkaline helps greatly with relieving the congestions that come with allergies and inflammation.
  23. It eliminates odors from a room, clothing or furniture. Put a bowl in the middle of the area where the smell is, and the odor will eventually fade away. Put it on clothes that just cannot seem to smell good before throwing in the wash.
  24. Apple cider vinegar also prevents fruit flies from getting into your room.  Simply place a thin layer of apple cider vinegar in a cup with one drop of dish soap.
  25. Add a drop of apple cider vinegar to your water and drink right after a workout to fight lactic acid buildup, which happens mostly when you are working out and the muscles tense up. Keep the muscles from pulling and straining with this quick remedy.
  26. Remove warts by soaking a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and placing on the affected area of skin. The acid in the vinegar allows it to peel away from the healthy surrounding skin, taking the virus that caused the wart with it.
  27. Detox that liver! After a weekend of heavy drinking, apple cider vinegar is a great way to detox the body and the liver that you put strain on.
  28. Apple cider vinegar relieves constipation, which is a common problem caused by the stress that comes with school. A mix of water and apple cider vinegar a day will relieve the stress and allow you to use the bathroom regularly again.
  29. It helps relieve migraines and headaches so you don’t have to take medication when you get them.  
  30. Apple cider vinegar helps relieve diarrhea by acting as an agent against the major bacteria that occurs in the bowel tissue. It soothes the lining in the colon, and you will find relief in no time.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy with many health benefits. It’s also affordable, so give it a try and reap the benefits!


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