SAT Test Dates for 2023-24



In 2022, 1.7 million students took the SAT at least once, compared to 1.5 million who took the test in 2021, according to the College Board.

If you’ve decided that the SAT is the better test for you, compared with the ACT, and you intend to take the SAT this academic year, it’s important to keep track of upcoming testing dates and registration deadlines.

Here is a list of the remaining 2023-24 SAT test dates.

SAT DateRegistration DeadlineLate Registration Deadline

March 9, 2024
February 23, 2024*February 27, 2024
May 4, 2024April 19, 2024*
April 23, 2024
June 1, 2024May 17, 2024*
May 21, 2024

*Note: As of March 2024, the SAT tests are digital tests. If you don’t have your own device and can’t borrow from your school or friends, you can borrow one from the College Board, but you will need to register for your SAT digital test and request a device at least 30 days before your test day.

Additionally, If you need to make any changes or cancel your test day, do it by the deadline posted above for late registrations.

The College Board has also announced tentative SAT test dates for the fall of 2024. 

  • August 24, 2024
  • October 5, 2024
  • November 2, 2024
  • December 7, 2024

SAT Registration Fee

You can register for the SAT here. Currently, the registration fee is $60.

If you’re taking the SAT outside of the United States, you will need to pay the registration fee of $60 plus an additional amount as the regional fee. Check here for details on the SAT international fees.

However, the College Board offers fee waivers for high school juniors and seniors from low-income families. To qualify, students must be in the United States or U.S. territories, or be U.S. citizens living outside the country. If you think you may be eligible, you can get more details here.

SAT School Day testing dates

In addition to the SAT’s standard weekend testing dates, many schools in the United States offer SAT School Day testing, which gives students the opportunity to take the SAT at school on a weekday rather than on a Saturday. 

In spring 2024, the SAT School Day will be available as a digital exam only during an eight-week testing window period between March 4, 2024 and April 26, 2024.

You don’t register for SAT School Day through the College Board, though.

Each school makes the decision whether to offer a SAT School Day and charge a fee. If your school chooses to administer a SAT School Day, you can sign up for the test through your school.

And low-income students who qualify for fee waivers for weekend administrations will be eligible for the same benefits for SAT School Day exams, according to the College Board

Check here for more information about SAT School Day.

How to study for the SAT

SAT tutoring can be costly and even prohibitively expensive for some students and their families. 

However, there are several free online resources available that you can use to prepare for the SAT. A full list of those resources, along with details on how to effectively use them, is available here

You can also prepare for the SAT using our curated list of best SAT prep courses.

For tips on getting a perfect SAT score, check out this interview with Dawn Mueller, an educational consultant with Tutor Doctor.

And if you’re looking for further insights and resources to help you with your college journey, consider checking out TUN AI. Our ethical, AI-powered platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to guide students through the college selection and application process, providing personalized recommendations and valuable insights that help students make informed decisions about their academic future. 

How is the SAT scored? 

In order to put your best foot forward when you take the SAT, you should understand how the exam is graded.

Check here to find everything you need to know about SAT scoring.

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