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New Platform Matches Student Volunteers With Organizations In Need Of Help


Media Contact: Yoora Park
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NEW YORK, New York, Jan. 15, 2020 — In an effort to help fix some of the world’s most prevalent problems, The University Network (TUN) has created a platform to match eager student volunteers with the nonprofit organizations that appeal to them the most. 

Whether students are interested in volunteering for months or just a day, the platform makes it easy for them to find their ideal opportunity to help, no matter where they live or what they’re passionate about. 

TUN also gives nonprofits the ability to post their volunteer listings on the platform, so they can connect with the individuals most committed to their cause, no matter where they are.   

“I feel like there are so many causes nowadays — the environment, education, homeless assistance and healthcare are just a few examples. And many people, especially students, feel powerless,” said Frannie Torres, marketing and multimedia manager at TUN. “They don’t always feel like they have a real chance to give back. We wanted to give them that opportunity.” 

Students can use the platform to find organizations that give them the opportunity to volunteer nearby, or they can use it to connect with an organization far away. All they need to do is type in a location on TUN’s volunteer page. 

And for those with time or location constraints, there’s good news. TUN’s volunteer platform lists plenty of virtual volunteer opportunities that allow students to help out wherever they have internet access. 

The International Humanity Foundation, for example, currently has a listing on TUN’s site for at-home volunteers for its international online outreach team. Although IHF’s goal is to educate impoverished children across the world, this listing is calling for someone to help out from the comfort of their own home. 

“A lot of college students can feel like they are stuck on campus and are limited on how they can give back because of it,” Torres said. “Virtual volunteering gives students a chance to spread awareness for causes they care about straight from their dorm room. In doing so, they can make a positive impact, as well as gain experience in social media, writing, public relations and other areas that they can add to their resumes.” 

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