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Why attending a community college makes sense (for a business student, at least)

community-collegeThere were a few months left of high school when I saw a tribute to those who had been accepted to prestigious colleges on the bulletin boards in our school hallways. I couldn’t help but feel worthless when I had decided to go to a community college. My name wasn’t up on that board and I didn’t want people to know where I was going. I was Vice President of my school and a proud member of the student government for the majority of time I was in high school, but when people asked me where I was going for college,

3 Simple Tips on Networking

networking-tipsAs college students, we are constantly dealing with people – from classmates and professors, to coworkers and bosses, to family and friends, and even to the random people we bump into each and everyday. It’s hard to notice how many people we interact with every day. We may not notice, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t notice us. Did you know it only takes a few moments to make an impression on someone? Those few moments can leave a lasting impression that can be very difficult to change. So why not just make a good impression from the beginning?

The Benefits of Owning a Credit Card & Building Credit as a College Student

credit-cardIn the back of my mind I knew that if I wanted to move out of my father’s comfortable cardboard box apartment in Queens and stop living the life of a third wheel interrupting gooey romantic dinners between him and his girlfriend, I would have to get an apartment of my own. And to do that, even if I did have the money, there was something that I didn’t have – a line of credit. I went to visit my mom in Chicago a few years back while I was a freshman in college and there we decided to apply

How to Stay Safe at Night While on Campus

campus-safetyLate nights are inevitable in college. Whether coming from a late class, long club meeting, or just studying at the library, it is important to be aware of the many ways to stay safe on campus at night. Be aware Avoid walking alone in unlit areas. If possible, walk on lit sidewalks and pathways. Don’t have headphones or earbuds in, as music can distract from hearing an individual or a group approaching from behind. Use campus resources Many campuses offer an escort service managed by campus safety or police. Often times, escorts are volunteer students who currently attend the school, and

Documentary of the Week: “Amanda Knox” Sheds Light on the Faults of the Media

amanda-knoxFor this weekly article series I will be writing about a documentary on Netflix, new or old, that I find interesting. Documentary: Amanda Knox Netflix release date: September 30th, 2016 Directors: Rod Blackhurst, Brian McGinn. Writers: Matthew Hamachek, Brian McGinn The Amanda Knox documentary explores the many aspects of the famous case. For those who are unaware, the case involved the murder of Amanda Knox’s roommate and fellow exchange student, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Italy. Amanda Knox, an exchange student from Seattle, and her Italian boyfriend, Raffaelle Sollecito, were arrested as suspects of the murder. The two were found guilty and

Email Etiquettes: How to Email Your Professors Without Annoying Them

email-etiquettesI am no professor, but I get countless emails from high school students whom I oversee at my volunteer work. As a supervisor, one of my key responsibilities is communicating with the high school volunteers throughout the week, via email. Over time, I have become – involuntarily but naturally – the point person for questions, concerns, and complaints regarding the volunteer work and the organization. Before I knew it, I was receiving emails not only from the volunteers I oversee, but also from outsiders with inquiries (see #3 below about emailing someone you’ve never had an interaction with before). After two years (I’m now on my third year), I have come to the

How Being Undecided Can Help You in the Long Run

undecided-majorAre you worrying because you are “undecided” about your major? You shouldn’t. Sometimes “Undecided” is the best major choice. While some college students may know from the start of their freshman year what they will major in, many of us have no clue. And some, like me, may have an inkling but end up changing their minds midway through college. And that’s quite all right. In my junior year of high school I was set on psychology as a career choice, but once I started freshman year in college, I was no longer sure that I wanted to continue on that route.

Is that Ice-T? No, it’s advertainment (and Ice-T)

icetI was at a bar with some friends a few weeks back. College football fans packed the place. Three beers into the night, I hear two guys having a conversation a few tables down. They were talking about the new Geico commercial that featured rapper Ice-T. The commercial which I enjoyed too, showed people going up to a lemonade stand and asking “Is that Ice-T?” The children running the lemonade stand respond with “Nope, lemonade.” This goes on with a few people. Then, after a woman asks the same question the last few people had asked, the camera pans to

7 Scholarships with October Deadlines

MonthlyScholarshipsNew month means new scholarships! Here are 7 scholarships with October deadlines. Before you go ahead and apply to these scholarships, it might be a good idea to read The Complete Guide to Scholarship Hacks first. Good luck! 👊 1. College Jumpstart Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply by 10/17/16 Summary: The College JumpStart Scholarship is an annual, merit-based competition meant to award motivated students. Simply write a 250-word personal statement and you can win $1,000! 2. BlindsOnLine Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply by 10/31/16 Summary: Submit your best design ideas concerning the window treatments of the future, for a chance to win $1,000!  3. CARiD Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply by

Little Discussion of College Affordability and Student Debt at First Debate

presidentialdebatefeaturedimage“Words matter when you run for President,” Hillary Clinton quipped at the first presidential debate Monday night at Hofstra University. Yes, words do matter, and it is surprising that so few words were spoken about college affordability and student debt that night, particularly as the moderator opened up the debate with “Achieving Prosperity” as its first topic, and, ironically, as the debate took place on a college campus. What a let down. While Clinton did touch upon the issue twice, Trump did not address it, so there was no meaningful back and forth on the issue. Clinton’s “millennial-up” economics After calling

STEM and Liberal Arts: the Pros and Cons of Both Degrees

stem-vs-liberal-artsWith science and technology driving the future, many teachers are motivating their students to succeed in their science, math and technology classes, also known as STEM. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math and it has seen an increasing amount of attention in the recent years due to all of the technological advances that have occurred.   Though many colleges haven’t seen the kind of art and music budget cuts that plague the public school system, liberal arts majors are often encouraged to choose a minor or a fall back job in the STEM field in case their career

3 Fun and Creative Ways to Study and Prepare for Exams

Creative StudyingSome people hate this saying, but I try to live by it: if you can’t avoid it, enjoy it.  For many students, the unenjoyable thing is, of course, studying. Finals week has earned the title “hell week” because it is hard to bear– torturous, even. But if we prepare well in advance, and throw in some fun and creativity, studying ain’t so bad! ➳ Here are 3 ways you can have a little fun while studying/preparing for exams. Seriously, studying can be a creative expression and an extension of yourself! A. Create an Infographic (like the one above)! Ready (gather your notes),

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