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31 December Scholarships for Every College Student (No Matter Your Major)

December is here – the clock is ticking! ➛ Here are 31 scholarships with December deadlines that every college student can apply to, no matter their field of study! Before you go ahead and apply to these scholarships, however, it might be a good idea to read The Complete Guide to Scholarship Hacks first. Good luck! 👊 1. American Classic Homes Scholarship – $1,000 – Apply by December 1 American Classic Homes will award an $1000 scholarship to a highly creative and motivated student who can explain what ‘home’ means to them with an image and 200 words or less. 2. USA University Student Scholarship – $3,000 – Apply by December 1

How to Make Job Offers Come Your Way

Sometimes the best way to find a job is by letting it come to you. The main idea is this: Do visible things that people in the community you want to enter will value, and involve them in that process. Done effectively, you do things you enjoy and employers who see you enjoying building value want you on their teams. For example, a client I am coaching is looking to work in virtual reality. Instead of sending out resumes begging for a job, he is organizing a panel discussion with four experts. While organizing the panel takes time, it costs

Recognizing and Accepting Your Changed Self and Home

The colorful array of autumn trees rush past me as I travel home for Thanksgiving. I pass by my high school, a rush of nostalgia washing over me. I drive past my town’s old school diner remembering all the post football game chicken fingers and fries I consumed way too late at night. I see my favorite park by my house my brother and I biked to in the summer. I attempt to savor each glimpse of nature’s beauty, each remaining leaf of fall. I realize the season will soon change as quickly as I have in the last three

How To Keep Up With News In Your Academic Discipline

Whether you are interested in sociology or public relations, staying on top of news and research in your discipline is crucial. Today I am going to be sharing five things you can do right now to make keeping up with news in your discipline a million times easier. I. Get On Social Media A lot of people use social media to look at cat videos and funny memes, but social media is increasingly used by academics in your field. I am a member of the American Sociological Association, and recently, there has been a big push to get academics on

Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump, Congratulations on securing the presidency. Your ascension to the White House truly marks a milestone for America. The politicians, pollsters, commentators- their steadfast predictions of “this is how politics work” has been, trumped, to say the least, by your win. You have accomplished what many deemed as impossible. I want to begin by saying- I was a Hillary supporter. Though I did not embrace her campaign fully and pardon her mistakes, the emails, Benghazi, etc., I supported her policies and and believed in the values she emphasized. I am proud to say that my vote went to

101 Ways to Happiness: Mindsets to Live By For a Healthier and Happier Life

For centuries, philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists, and ordinary people everywhere have been asking these same questions: What is happiness? Can happiness be learned, or is it a biological predisposition? While the answer to the first question may vary from person to person, there is no doubt that happiness can indeed be learned! But the real question is, HOW ?!?! Here is my list of 101 ways to live by or mindsets to adopt for a healthier and happier life. Be content with what you have and be grateful. Instead of complaining about what you don’t have, be thankful for what you

How to End Up With A Job You Love

You just finished a job interview and your interviewer asks you if you have any questions. Most people use the prompt to show off what they know about the company. What a wasted opportunity! An interview is your chance to learn about the company so you know what you’re getting into, and also a chance for you to show that you can connect as a person. People join good projects and leave bad management. Before an interview, think of every manager who has made you want to leave a project or the company. Did a past manager not support you?

Email Etiquettes: How to Email Your Professors Without Annoying Them

I am no professor, but I get countless emails from high school students whom I oversee at my volunteer work. As a supervisor, one of my key responsibilities is communicating with the high school volunteers throughout the week, via email. Over time, I have become – involuntarily but naturally – the point person for questions, concerns, and complaints regarding the volunteer work and the organization. Before I knew it, I was receiving emails not only from the volunteers I oversee, but also from outsiders with inquiries (see #3 below about emailing someone you’ve never had an interaction with before). After two years (I’m now on my third year), I have come to the

5 Ways to Detach Yourself from Social Media

We all know the downside of social media— namely that it makes people feel alienated rather than connected, thereby betraying its own name. We are well aware that social media has the power to negatively impact our thoughts, emotions, and desires– it can cloud our visions and perspectives, distorting our view of “reality”; it can create false fears and magnify our insecurities, making FOMO a major driving force; it can make our attention span as short as our tolerance level. But living in the 21st century, it’s almost impossible to avoid or abstain from social media completely. That’s why “quitting”

Sustainable Development Goals: The Unspoken Job for College Students

Sustainable Development GoalsEleven boys and girls die every single minute from preventable causes. Hundreds of women die every single day while giving birth. Tens of millions of children are denied the right to education. Hundreds of millions of people still don’t have access to clean water. Some eight hundred million men, women, and children survive on less than $1.25 a day. Yes, this is the world we live in, presently. However, the future is up to us. All this can change, but only if we change first. On September 25, 2015, 193 global leaders agreed on (and officially adopted) a new, universal set

How to Rebuild Broken Relationships

Forming relationships is hard, maintaining relationships is harder, and remedying broken or underdeveloped relationships is the hardest. When dealing with people, there will be complications. When dealing with feelings, frustrations will arise. But know this: no matter how damaged or astray the trajectory of a relationship, there is always hope. Here are 3 ways to improve your relationship with people that you don’t naturally “click” with: 1. Don’t always trust your feelings – feelings can be fickle. Feelings are important, yes, but they are fickle and therefore not to be trusted. Instead of letting your feelings decide your actions, let your actions

Before Joining College Extracurriculars, Consider This

The 21st century has, thus far, shown us a promisingly impactful decade and a half. We’ve completed the Human Genome project, successfully implanted an artificial heart, ditched Internet Explorer in favor of better alternatives (looking at you, Chrome), programmed cars to drive themselves, and miraculously boiled down the entirety of dating science to a left or right swipe. Incredible. Apart from our advances, we’ve also experienced a somewhat negative shift in our prevailing mindset regarding hard work. It seems to me that, as the century progresses, we’re losing our sense of authenticity. It’s becoming increasingly rare to see someone working

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