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Warner University Tuition and Success Analysis

Warner University Overview

Warner University is a four-year, full-time, more selective, higher transfer-in, higher education institution located in Lake Wales, FL. It has an enrollment of 762 undergraduate students. The admissions acceptance rate is 53.13%.

The average annual cost of attendance after financial aid is $20,162. Tuition is $26,744.00 without financial aid.

Warner University is a predominantly bachelor’s-degree granting school.

At Warner University, 46.01% of students return after freshman year (national average: 68%).

Warner University has a student-to-faculty ratio of 13 to 1.

Warner University Website

Warner University Admissions

For the incoming class in 2023, the acceptance rate was 53.13%.

SAT or ACT scores are considered but not required.

  • The average SAT score was 975.0 for the incoming class of 2023.
  • The median ACT score was 19.0 for the incoming class to 2023.

Warner University Cost

The average annual cost of attendance after financial aid is $20,162.

The average tuition is:

  • $20,115, when family income is less than $30,000
  • $29,493, when family income is between $30,001 and $48,000 
  • unreported, when family income is between $48,001 and $75,000
  • unreported, when family income is between $75,001 and $110,000
  • unreported, when family income is more than $110,000 

The average tuition shown here is based on the NET costs to students who receive financial aid. For the incoming class of 2023, 75.24% of students received a federal student loan and 58.05% of students received a Pell Grant.

Tuition is $26,744.00 without financial aid.

Warner University Net Price Calculator

Warner University Majors/Salaries

Warner University has academic offerings within the core majors listed below.  

  • Agriculture – 9.58%
  • Resources – 0.00%
  • Architecture – 0.00%
  • Ethnic cultural gender – 0.00%
  • Communication – 1.25%
  • Communications technology – 0.00%
  • Computer – 0.00%
  • Personal culinary – 0.00%
  • Education –13.33%
  • Engineering – 0.00%
  • Engineering technology – 0.00%
  • Language – 0.00%
  • Family consumer science – 0.00%
  • Legal – 0.00%
  • English – 0.00%
  • Humanities – 23.33%
  • Library – 0.00%
  • Biological – 5.42%
  • Business Marketing – 17.08%
  • Mathematics – 0.00%
  • Military – 0.00%
  • Multidiscipline – 0.00%
  • Parks recreation fitness – 11.25%
  • Philosophy religious – 0.00%
  • Theology religious vocation – 3.33%
  • Physical science – 0.00%
  • Science technology – 0.00%
  • Psychology – 2.50%
  • Security law enforcement – 9.58%
  • Public administration social service – 2.08%
  • Social science – 0.00%
  • Construction –0.00%
  • Mechanic repair technology –0.00%
  • Precision production – 0.00%
  • Transportation – 0.00%
  • Visual performing – 0.00%
  • Health – 0.00%
  • History – 1.25%

Please note that different schools classify majors differently, so it is best to view the school’s website to see the various programs it offers. See detailed information about the individual majors at Warner University here.

Recent Graduate Salaries

(Average salaries of students from select majors two years after graduation)

  • Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods. (Bachelor’s Degree) – $36,627
  • Health and Physical Education/Fitness. (Bachelor’s Degree) – $22,920
  • Psychology, General. (Bachelor’s Degree) – $25,194
  • Business Administration, Management and Operations. (Bachelor’s Degree) – $41,937
  • Business Administration, Management and Operations. (Master’s Degree) – $41,349

Warner University Diversity

The racial diversity of students who received financial aid at Warner University

  • American Indian/Alaska Native: 0.52%
  • Asian: 0.13%
  • Black: 31.23%
  • Hispanic: 17.45%
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.26%
  • Non-resident alien: 3.41%
  • Two or more races: 0.79%
  • Unknown: 0.39%
  • White: 45.80%

At Warner University, 15.60% of undergraduate students are 25 years old, or older.

Warner University Frequently Asked Questions

How is school spirit at Warner University?

Warner University is a private Christian university located in Lake Wales, Florida. The school has a strong sense of community, and the school spirit is high among students, faculty, and staff. Warner University’s athletic teams are known as the Royals, and many students attend sporting events throughout the year to show their support. The school hosts various events and traditions that help foster school spirit, such as homecoming, pep rallies, and intramural sports. Overall, Warner University is known for having a close-knit community that is proud to represent their school.

What are some popular extracurriculars at Warner University?

At Warner University, some popular extracurricular activities include: 1. Athletics: Warner University has a strong athletics program, with many students participating in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and softball. 2. Music and Theatre: The university has an active music and theatre program, with many opportunities for students to get involved in productions or join an ensemble. 3. Campus Ministry: The campus ministry provides students with opportunities to grow in their faith and serve the community. 4. Student Government Association: The Student Government Association is responsible for representing the student body and planning campus events. 5. Honor Society: Warner University has an honor society for students who excel academically. 6. Outdoor Adventures Club: This club organizes outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and canoeing for students who enjoy spending time in nature. 7. Fitness Programs: The university offers various fitness programs like yoga, Zumba, and strength training classes for students interested in staying physically fit.

How are the food choices at Warner University?

Warner University provides a variety of meal plans for its students, and there are several dining options available on campus. The food choices offered are generally considered to be of good quality and there are vegetarian and gluten-free options available as well. Students can dine at the Lake Wales campus cafe, which serves a variety of food items including sandwiches, pizza, salads, and other meal options. Additionally, there is a campus coffee shop that offers snacks, pastries, and coffee. Overall, the dining options at Warner University are convenient and cater to a variety of dietary needs.

Is there Greek life at Warner University?

Yes, Warner University has Greek life. There are three National Greek Organizations represented: Delta Sigma Theta, Omega Psi Phi, and Alpha Phi Alpha.

What is Warner University known for?

Warner University is a private Christian university in Lake Wales, Florida. It is best known for its strong programs in the areas of business, education, ministry, and sports. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields such as business administration, education, ministry, social science, nursing, and sports management. It is also known for its athletic programs, particularly its successful softball and basketball teams. Additionally, the university places a strong emphasis on faith-based values and is committed to preparing students for lives of service to others.

What are the most popular school clubs at Warner University?

Warner University, located in Lake Wales, Florida, offers a variety of school clubs and organizations for its students. Some of its most popular school clubs include: 1. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – a group that gathers to fellowship, worship, and learn more about Jesus Christ. 2. The National Society of Leadership and Success- a society that provides leadership training and community service opportunities for its members. 3. Warner Enactus – a team that develops community projects to create positive social, economic, and environmental change. 4. Theater and Arts Club – a club that celebrates creativity and the arts through performances, productions, and events. 5. Student Government Association – a group that works to enhance student life on campus by advocating for student interests and planning events. 6. Warner Singers – a group that performs choral music and provides a platform for vocalists. 7. Spanish Club – a club that promotes Hispanic culture and provides opportunities for students to practice speaking Spanish. These are just a few of the clubs available at Warner University. Students can also explore other clubs and organizations, or start their own if they are interested in something unique.

Is the campus at Warner University safe?

Warner University is located in Lake Wales, Florida. As per the website of Warner University, the campus is considered safe, with a low crime rate. Additionally, the university has a well-trained Campus Safety department, which provides round-the-clock services to ensure the safety of the students, staff, and visitors. They also offer a safety escort service and security patrols to the students and faculty. Like all institutions, it is essential to keep safety precautions like locking dorm rooms and not walking alone at night.

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