Live Better U

Amount: Full tuition and books. About: The Walmart Foundation no longer offers the Walmart Associate Program and the Walmart Dependent Program as of February 1, 2021. Instead, Walmart will pay 100% of tuition and books for associates through its Live Better U (LBU) education program, so part-time and full-time Walmart and Sam’s Club associates in the United States can earn a high school diploma, take college prep courses, earn a college degree, or earn professional certificates without incurring education debt. The program excludes temp associates, associates with a prior bachelor’s degree, and salaried associates who fall into the market level and above. Eligible associates qualify for the program on their first day of employment.
Eligible Grade Levels: GED, Trade School Student, College Freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior
Eligible Majors: All majors
Residency Requirement: No residency requirement
Minimum GPA: No GPA requirement
Deadline: Online, flexible enrollment Please note that scholarship deadlines often change, so make sure to check the scholarship sponsor’s website for up-to-date deadlines.