• Southern California Mothers of Multiples Clubs, Inc. (SCMOMC) Scholarship

    Amount: $250-$1,500. About: The Southern California Mothers of Multiples Clubs (SCMOMC) offers annual scholarships to mothers of twins and twins themselves. Applicants must be twins, triplets or higher, or the mothers of multiples. Additionally, applicants must live in Southern California or Clark County, NV, and be a current of future student at a college, university,…


  • Scholarships for Moms

    Scholarships for Moms

    Student-parents – those who are raising children while they’re in college – make up 22 percent of undergraduates, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. And 70 percent of the student-parents are women.  Women who are student-parents are often at a very significant financial disadvantage, in part because they’re more likely than their male…