Soar to New Heights With an Internship at Boeing!

If you’re looking for an incredible internship opportunity, look no further than Boeing! Boeing’s internship program offers amazing hands-on experience and the chance to work with some of the top minds in the aerospace industry. From projects in aerodynamics, propulsion, materials science, and software engineering to supply chain and marketing, it’s no wonder that Boeing is known for its prestigious internships.


A Boeing internship is the chance to be mentored by some of the brightest minds in aerospace. Whether you’re working with engineers, scientists, or even marketing professionals, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills that you can take with you into your future career. You will also have opportunities to network with other interns and professionals in the industry.

Boeing Interview Tips

Boeing utilizes behavioral-based questions for its interview process. It’s recommended to employ the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) methodology when answering such queries. Endeavor to be precise in your responses, avoid being overly general, and always detail or quantify the outcomes.

You’re not restricted to applying for a single position; you can go for multiple roles. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly peruse the job description and any stipulated prerequisites. This way, you can better gauge which roles align most with your qualifications and aspirations.

Types of Questions to Expect

During the interview, Boeing’s main objective is to delve into your past experiences and skill set. You’re more likely to encounter questions that emphasize past scenarios rather than hypothetical ones. Some sample questions include:

  • “Tell me about a time when …”
  • “Give me an example of …”
  • “Have you ever …?”
  • “Describe your experience with …”
  • “Have you ever …?”
  • “Describe your experience with …”

Besides the above, you might be posed with direct inquiries about your technical know-how. For instance:

“There are many project management software programs. Which do you prefer and why?”

FAQ: Internship at Boeing

1. What is the Boeing Internship Program?
The Boeing Internship Program provides students and recent graduates with practical work experience in various aerospace fields, complementing their academic studies.

2. Who is eligible for the internship?
Undergraduate and graduate students from accredited institutions, as well as recent graduates, can apply. The specific eligibility criteria might vary based on the internship position.

3. How long is the internship duration?
Most internships at Boeing last 10-12 weeks during the summer. However, there are also some part-time internships available throughout the year.

4. Is the internship paid?
Yes, Boeing offers competitive pay for their interns. The exact amount may vary based on the position and the intern’s qualifications.

5. Will I get a chance to work on real projects?
Absolutely. Boeing interns work on meaningful projects that contribute to the company’s goals and the aerospace industry at large. Interns at Boeing can expect to get involved with projects that are important, relevant, and challenging. From day one, you’ll be able to tackle complex tasks that have a real impact.

6. Are there opportunities for full-time employment after the internship?
Many interns at Boeing receive full-time job offers upon successful completion of their internships, though it is not guaranteed.

7. Where are internships located?
Boeing has multiple locations across the United States and internationally. The location of your internship will depend on the business unit and the project you’re assigned to. Boeing has a wide variety of research and development facilities around the world, there are plenty of internships available in places like California, Washington, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia and even in international locations like the UK, Singapore, and Australia.

8. How can I apply?
Visit the official Boeing careers website, navigate to the internships section, and follow the application instructions for the position of interest.

9. What is the application deadline?
Deadlines vary based on the internship role. It’s recommended to check the specific internship listing or the Boeing careers website for exact dates.

10. What majors or fields of study does Boeing typically look for?
Boeing seeks interns from a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, business, finance, IT, data analytics, and more. The specific field will depend on the requirements of the available internship positions.

11. How competitive is the selection process?
Boeing internships are competitive due to the company’s reputation and the valuable experience it offers. It’s important to ensure your application stands out by highlighting relevant experience and demonstrating passion for the aerospace industry.

12. Will Boeing provide housing or relocation assistance?
Housing or relocation assistance may be provided depending on the position and location. Specific details will be mentioned in the internship description or can be inquired about during the interview process.

Steps to Take to Find the Right Boeing Internship

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this incredible opportunity, there are a few steps to take. First, research different departments and see which ones are best suited for you. You can take advantage of Boeing’s career website to learn more about the available departmental needs and opportunities. Once you have an idea of which department you want to join, make sure to regularly check open intern positions and monitor recruitment cycles. Finally, make sure to apply early as the recruiting process can take up to several months.

Take your career to the next level with an internship with Boeing! Get the experience, mentorship, and professional networking opportunities that you need to set yourself up for success in your dream career. So go forth, research, and find out how to put yourself in the running for an internship with Boeing!