The Nike Internship

Everything You Need to Know About the Nike Internship Program

 The Nike Internship is a perfect way to explore the intersection of sports, sustainability, fashion, retail, e-commerce, tech, finance, legal, marketing, and design. 

What is a Nike internship like?

Nike offers a great internship program each summer. 

As an intern at Nike, you will work on meaningful projects, work in teams, collaborate, and become part of a larger Nike community. You will not be behind a desk all day. The Nike internship program offers room for professional growth through access to leadership and career experience in the field.

Where do the Nike Internships take place?

Nike offers internships in the United States and abroad. At its World HQ located in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike offers programs that explore and intersect the different businesses within Nike, such as sport, sustainability, fashion, retail, e-commerce, technology, finance, design ,and so much more. For an updated list of U.S.-based internships, check out Nike’s website.

Nike also offers Europeans a great opportunity to intern at its European HQ (EHQ for short) located in Hilversum, Amsterdam. Here, interns fully immerse themselves as interns. For more information about Nike’s European internships and positions currently offered, visit here.

How can I find the right internship at Nike for me?

Nike offers a pretty neat tool — the Find Your Fit tool — for prospective interns to help figure out what is right for them. So, whether you are a business major or a graphic artist, Nike has Internships that may fit your skill set and what you are interested in.

First, visit Nike’s page and then select the area you would like to work in. Note that listings go by country, not state or province. After choosing your location, you will be prompted to answer some basic questions such as “What do you hope to pursue in a career?” and “What traits best describe you?” For each question, you are offered a list of possible answers and you can choose at least three before moving on to the next question. After about five minutes of checking boxes, Nike will provide you with a list that suits both your skill set or major as well as your interests based on your responses. 

Where do I go to search for different Nike Internships?

Other than the Find Your Fit tool, which helps narrow down which internships are right for you based on a few simple questions, you can also search for internships on Nike’s website. Here, you can search for internships at Nike, as well as its other subsidiaries like Converse and Jordan, using filters on the left-hand side. Be sure to type the keyword “internship.” Otherwise, you may find yourself only seeing jobs and not internship positions. 

Where do I go to apply for an internship?

After you have found the internship you want by either using the Find your Fit tool or through a search, the next step is to create an account. When you get to the internship you want to apply for, click “Apply Now” to begin the application process. Click here and select “register” to create your account and begin applying.  

Is it possible to apply for more than one internship at Nike? 

Yes, students can submit applications to multiple internships and are, in fact, encouraged to do so. 

Can I apply for an internship if I have already graduated college?

Unfortunately, the answer is “No.” You must still be in school (undergraduate or graduate school) to be eligible to intern at Nike.

Are Nike interns paid?

You bet! Every Nike intern is paid. According to Glassdoor, the salary ranges between $15 and $27, with $23 being the average hourly wage.

How do you land an internship at Nike?

Nike internships can be pretty competitive, so it always helps to have an edge over your competition. Here are some tips towards landing an internship:

First, Nike allows you to apply for more than one internship at the same time. So, if you believe you are qualified for more than one position, go ahead and apply to them. This way, if you do not land one internship, Nike may find you suitable for another. 

Second, apply early. Ever hear of the phrase “an early bird gets the worm?” Well, that is true when it comes to internship applications. While Nike internships are available all year-round, it always looks good to apply early. In fact, Nike encourages early applications in the FAQ section available at the bottom of its website.

Which Nike Teams offer internships? 

Nike offers internships in the following areas:

  • Technology 
  • Finance 
  • Digital 
  • Supply Chain
  • Merchandising 
  • Legal 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Marketing 
  • Design 
  • Analytics 
  • Global Sourcing & Manufacturing 
  • Procurement 
  • HR

What does the summer program include? 

This is not your typical internship — It is more than a desk job. For one, there is a speaker series with some of Nike’s top leaders giving their insight and sharing their passion. There are training sessions and access to the world’s best fitness trainers. There are also fun events around campus throughout the program.  In addition to being surrounded by great teammates and a culture of excellence, you’ll enjoy the vibe of Nike’s energetic open-concept office. 

How else does Nike support students?

The Nike Community Impact Fund

The Nike Community Impact Fund (NCIF) benefits communities through employee-led grants. This program supports local, grassroots organizations that get kids moving because Nike knows that active kids do better. And when kids have an opportunity to fall in love with play and sport, they’re more likely to reach their full potential both on — and off — the court.

The Nike School Innovation Fund

The Nike School Innovation Fund (NSIF) helps students in Oregon reach their full potential by working with school leaders to close the achievement gap and increase high school graduation rates. Nike structured the program so that 90 percent of its funds are invested in helping middle schools and high schools across Oregon implement or expand AVID or college and career-readiness programs, or to invest in culturally specific organizations working directly in schools to help students navigate the system and graduate on time. In partnership with AVID, schools and their districts commit time and resources to implement an elective class for first-generation college-goers and train teachers in proven best practices for student success.

The Nike Student Discount

U.S. college and high school students (who are over the age of 16) can claim a Nike Student Discount and save 10 percent on most items at using special verification codes.

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