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6 Questions to Expect on an Internship Interview and How to Answer Them

Do you want to make a good impression on your internship Interview? We’ve got you covered. We’ll give you some tips on how to answer common internship interview questions in a way that will make you look like confident and prepared. Let’s get started!

Below are sample questions and answers to the six most common internship interview questions.

You’ll need to adapt the answers to your unique situation. But with a little crafting, you will be ready to answer your interview questions like a pro.

Q. Why are you interested in this internship position?

A. Given my eagerness to gain valuable experience in my field, I am particularly interested in this internship position. Not only does it provide the opportunity to apply my existing knowledge and learn new skills, but it will also help me build relationships with experienced professionals within the industry. Additionally, I believe that participating in this internship program could help me understand how my work fits into the bigger picture — something that would be invaluable for any future job perspective. All of these reasons make me excited to apply for this role and take on any challenges associated with it.

Q. What do you think you would gain from this experience?

A. I believe I would gain a wealth of knowledge in the professional realm from working as an intern here. I know this experience will give me the opportunity to gain practical skills in my field, through hands-on activities and lectures. Additionally, I am eager to further develop my inter-personal abilities. Working directly with professionals and other students is sure to provide an informative and collaborative atmosphere that enables me to learn and grow. Ultimately, this internship experience will allow me to become more adept within my career field and better prepared for any challenges or opportunities in the future.

Q. What are your career aspirations, and how will this internship help you achieve them?

A. My primary career aspiration is to work in a role that allows me to use my creative problem-solving skills. This internship offers me the opportunity to develop those skills in a professional setting and gain experience in research, using databases, and working with people from different disciplines. This will help me better understand how complex systems interact, knowledge that will be invaluable for building successful teams in the future. Gaining knowledge of current trends in my chosen field through researching and engaging with clients will also help me build an impressive base for my future career. As such, I am excited about this internship. It will provide me with an excellent platform on which to grow professionally and become more effective at achieving my personal career goals.

Q. Describe a time when you had to work with a difficult person or on a difficult project?

A. I remember a time when working on an important project at an internship posed quite the challenge. My group was made up of a variety of people, each with different personalities, which could be difficult at times. I had to focus and take the initiative to ensure that our collective ideas were properly expressed and discussed. In order for us to meet our goals for the project, we had to work as a unified team even when faced with possible disagreements. Despite any necessary compromises or revisions that may have resulted from differing opinions, we were ultimately able to deliver what was expected of us due to our perseverance and hard work.

Q. Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond your job duties.

A. As a motivated individual, I have often found myself going above and beyond my expected job duties. For example, during my internship with a tech company last summer, I noticed that their website had some usability issues. Seeing an opportunity to showcase my skills and offer the company added value, I took it upon myself to create a design that would improve the usability of the website. After redoing the front-end layout and ensuring that certain features were optimized for user friendliness, I submitted my improvements to the management team, who subsequently implemented my proposed improvements and commended me on a job well done. This experience taught me an important lesson — when you see something that can be improved, don’t hesitate to take initiative!

Q. Tell me about a time when you made a mistake at work and how you handled it.

A. One instance I recall of making a mistake at work was overlooking an email from my supervisor, who was requesting important information from me. I reacted too late, but then acted quickly to rectify the situation. As soon as I realized that I missed the original email, I immediately contacted my boss to explain the circumstances and apologized for the delay. To remedy the mistake, I provided my supervisor with the requested information in a timely manner so that nothing else was delayed. Overall, it taught me to stay on top of communications with all involved parties and reiterated that being proactive, rather than reactive, is key in any professional setting.


Be prepared to answer these questions and more during your internship interviews. By being honest, reflective, and highlighting your ability to work hard and solve problems, you’ll impress potential employers and set yourself up for a successful career in the field of your choice. Good luck!

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