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Using clinical health data for better healthcare


Digital health is rapidly being realised as the future of healthcare. While this is placing emphasis on the input of quality health data in digital records and systems, the delivery of safe and quality healthcare relies not only on the input of data, but also the ability to access and derive meaning from data to generate evidence, inform decision making and drive better health outcomes.

This course provides insight into the use of healthcare data, including an overview of best practices and the practical realities of obtaining useful information from digital health systems via the understanding of the fundamental concepts of health data analytics.

Learners will understand why data quality is essential in modern healthcare, as they are guided through various stages of the data life cycle, starting with the generation of quality health data, through to discovering patterns and extracting knowledge from health data using common methodologies and tools in the basic analysis, visualisation and communication of health data. In doing so, learners explore current healthcare delivery contexts, and future and emerging digital health data systems and applications that are rapidly becoming tomorrow’s reality.

On completion of this course, you will be able to:
1. Identify digital health technologies, health data sources, and the evolving roles of health workforce in digital health environments
2. Understand key health data concepts and terminology, including the significance of data integrity and stakeholder roles in the data life cycle
3. Use health data and basic data analysis to inform and improve decision making and practice.
4. Apply effective methods of communication of health data to facilitate safe and quality care.

During this course, you will interact with learning content contributed by:
• Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre
• Australian Digital Health Agency
• eHealth NSW
• Sydney Local Health District
• The NSW Ministry of Health
• Health Education and Training Institute
• Clinical Excellence Commission
• Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
• Monash Partners / Australian Health Research Alliance
• Australian Research Data Commons
• Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network
• South Eastern Sydney Local Health District
• Western Sydney Local Health District
• Westmead Breast Cancer Institute
• Agency for Clinical Innovation
• Western NSW Local Health District
• Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

This course is a collaborative venture between NSW Health, the University of Sydney and the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre, including dedicated resources from eHealth NSW, Health Education and Training Institute, and the Research in Implementation Science & eHealth group. While many learning resources and case examples are drawn from the NSW Health service context, this course has relevance for all existing and future health workforce, regardless of role or work context.
Note: Materials used are for learning purposes and content may not reflect your organisation’s policies. When working with data, make sure you act within the guidelines and policies of your organisation.

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Using clinical health data for better healthcare – The University of Sydney