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Localization: Adapting Digital Content to Local Markets


Want to know how to make your product relevant worldwide? Curious what it would take to have your app release in a set of international markets? Interested in what would be needed to show your website in several foreign languages? Learn what it takes to tailor digital products to a set of international markets through localization.This course shows you all the steps a company needs to take when releasing their software or websites in different markets. Industry experts will give you an introduction to localization, the adaptation of digital content to the requirements of a foreign market. This very often includes translation for the target markets with modern translation tools, including machine translation – and the management of translation assets, but it entails a lot more work through the different stages of a localization project tha tailors a product to the local consumer. You will also learn about: Setting up and managing localization projects The different project stages of localization projects Defining the scope Cost management Schedule management Quality assurance and control for localization You will also find out about how to work in the localization industry and learn new skills relevant to localization, software development, digital content and project management.Equipped with knowledge from this course you will be able to build your own localization strategy and find the right ways to reach your potential customer worldwide.

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Localization: Adapting Digital Content to Local Markets through edX, a platform for education founded by Harvard and MIT.

Localization: Adapting Digital Content to Local Markets