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Implant Dentistry


Follow leading specialists, researchers and teachers of Implant Dentistry from more than 10 countries around the world led by HKU’s Dr. Nikos Mattheos to explore the biology, the technology and clinical management in implant dentistry today. In this 5-Week-5-Module course, you will learn about what implant dentistry is all about, covering the comprehensive spectrum of successful implant practice. A key aim of this course is to help learners set the foundations for an effective and successful practice in implant dentistry, in particular practitioners who will soon begin their first steps in implant dentistry. Learners will be exposed to a sound theoretical background and practical clinical work, learning through videos and activities that closely integrate academic knowledge from evidence-based research and surgical techniques based on best practices, providing a comprehensive and well-balanced view of the implant process. Learners in the course will have the opportunity to follow authentic challenging patient cases and take active part in the decision making, discussing their treatment plans with fellow online peers, course mentors and instructors. Each week, learners can apply newly gained knowledge in implant dentistry to solve selected clinical cases of five authentic implant patients online. It is the hope of the HKU Implant Dentistry course team that we help dental practitioners, dental students, medical professionals and those in related fields to understand the realistic challenges and potential in implant dentistry, and empower them to plot their own course towards a safe, effective and successful career serving patients with Implant Dentistry. “For a dentist, there is no greater satisfaction than giving ‘toothless’ patients back the teeth, the bone, and the smile they have lost!” – Dr Nikos Mattheos (Clinical Associate Professor in Implant Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong)

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Implant Dentistry