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Happier Employees and Return-On-Investment Course


How is career success related to happiness and vice versa? Most of us believe that career success leads to happiness. In fact, however, scientific evidence suggests that the reverse is even more true: happiness leads to career success. For example, one study found that the top 20% of the happiest people earned 32% more salary than least happy 20%.In this short 4-week course, co-taught by award winning professors Raj Raghunathan (author of ‘If you’re so smart, why aren’t you happy?’, and instructor for one of ‘Top 50 MOOCs of all-time’) and Marshall Goldsmith (world-famous CEO coach and author of ‘What got you here won’t get you there’), you will learn about 5 main topics:a.     Why does happiness at work matter?b.     What are the 5 most important determinants of happiness at work?c.      What is holding me back from feeling happy and fulfilled at work?d.     What can I do to enhance my own happiness levels at work?e.     What can I do to enhance the happiness of my coworkers? In addition to learning about these topics, your happiness levels will improve significantly and, in the process, you’ll be on your way to a more meaningful and successful career.

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Happier Employees and Return-On-Investment Course through edX, a platform for education founded by Harvard and MIT.

Happier Employees and Return-On-Investment Course