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Financing and Initiating Major Engineering Projects


To successfully lead major projects you have to understand typical investor and project financing approaches. In this course, you’ll learn to interpret some key contractual instruments that are relevant for the financing of major engineering projects so that you are in a position to ensure the financially secure delivery of your project. You’ll explore the concept of “time value of money” and be able to compute key indicators such as “Pay-back time”, “Net Present value” and “Internal Rate of Return”.
You’ll identify common stakeholder and management approaches, and be able to implement key messaging, taking accurate requirements and manage expectations.

Through real-life case studies you’ll identify appropriate best practice related to governance, execution strategies, requirements management, procurement, asset and risk management and organisational design and development for the successful delivery of large engineering projects.

This course explores concepts analysed in the University’s Online MSc in Engineering Management. If you are interested to develop your skills further, take a look at our online degree.

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Financing and Initiating Major Engineering Projects – University of Leeds