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Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma


Welcome to this course on Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma.

In this course you will learn data analytics techniques that are typically useful within Lean Six Sigma improvement projects. At the end of this course you are able to analyse and interpret data gathered within such a project. You will be able to use Minitab to analyse the data. I will also briefly explain what Lean Six Sigma is.

I will emphasize on use of data analytics tools and the interpretation of the outcome. I will use many different examples from actual Lean Six Sigma projects to illustrate all tools. I will not discuss any mathematical background.

The setting we chose for our data example is a Lean Six Sigma improvement project. However data analytics tools are very widely applicable. So you will find that you will learn techniques that you can use in a broader setting apart from improvement projects.

I hope that you enjoy this course and good luck!
Dr. Inez Zwetsloot & the IBIS UvA team

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Language: English

Subtitles: English, Romanian

Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma – University of Amsterdam