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Cross-border road transport in EU law context


Have you ever wondered which legal rules are applicable to cross-border EU road transport? Are you interested in the issues revolving around EU employment law in the international road transport sector? Then, on behalf of the University of Antwerp, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of GdaƄsk, University of Luxembourg and Tilburg University, we would like to welcome you to this MOOC on Cross-border Road Transport in EU law context. This MOOC is a part of the Erasmus + Project funded by the European Commission. In this MOOC, you will not only learn what the current legal framework is, but also, how it is applied in the road transport sector.

After participating in this MOOC, you will be able to:

1. Describe the basics of the process of European integration, in the light of the affirmation of the four fundamental freedoms
of the EU, European framework on private international law, the posting of workers, social security coordination and social dialogue.
2. Understand the interplay between Treaty provisions and secondary sources in the relevant fields.
3. Understand the frictions between the rationales underneath the legal provisions that govern EU social policy and labour law.
4. Analyse the most relevant case law of the European Court of Justice with an impact on the rights of international road transport workers.
5. Familiarise with official documents of the EU institutions and with academic and other relevant literature in this field.
6. Use, where relevant, the implementation of EU rules by Member States.
7. Solve cases dealing with the implementation of the applicable legal provisions.

We are offering you knowledge clips, memoranda that contain in-depth legal information on the different key topics, recommended readings and case law. Next to that after each module, you could test your acquired knowledge by taking a multiple choice test. In the end of this course, you will be able to apply everything you have learned in a practical manner by solving our sample guide case that resembles a real life scenario which challenges you to deal with everyday’s problems faced in the cross-border road transport by practitioners in the field.

By participating in this MOOC, you will find answers to the following questions:

1. Which of the four fundamental freedoms is applicable?
2. Which court has jurisdiction over a labour dispute and which law governs the cross-border employment relation?
3. How to apply and enforce the rules stemming from the Posting of Workers Directive?
4. Which social security system is applicable and which social security institution is competent to levy the social security contributions?
5. What is the role of social partners in the cross-border road transport?

In the end it all makes SENSE! So let’s go down this road together. Buckle up!

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Cross-border road transport in EU law context – Erasmus University Rotterdam