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Case Studies in Personalized Medicine


Learn how advances in biomedicine hold the potential to revolutionize drug development, drug treatments, and disease prevention: where are we now, and what does the future hold? This course will present short primers in genetics and mechanisms underlying variability in drug responses. A series of case studies will be used to illustrate principles of how genetics are being brought to bear on refining diagnoses and on personalizing treatment in rare and common diseases. The ethical and operational issues around how to implement large scale genomic sequencing in clinical practice will be addressed.

After completing this course, learners will understand
1. The ways in which genetic variants can contribute to human disease susceptibility
2. How to choose among drug therapies based on genetic factors
3. That the functional consequences of the vast majority of genetic variants discovered by modern sequencing are unknown.

This course is targeted primarily at physicians 5+ years out of training. Other healthcare providers, medical/health sciences students, and members of the public may also be interested.

Course launches January 15, 2016.

* The information presented in “Case Studies in Personalized Medicine” is offered for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as personal medical advice. If you have questions or concerns about a medical matter, please consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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Case Studies in Personalized Medicine – Vanderbilt University