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Applied Scrum for Project Management


Scrum and Agile are often considered synonymous, and there is good reason. Scrum embodies the simplest and most pure approach to managing project work at the team level andis employed by over half of all Agile practitioners across all industries. Consider the below statistics: Today nearly 100% of IT organizations use Agile and many other industries are quickly following The likelihood of being on a Scrum or Scrum-like project is quickly approaching 50/50 or better over time. In this course we start by learning the key project management processes, roles, mechanics, and philosophies behind Scrum.Thisgives you the basic understanding you’ll need inthe Mastering Agile Professional Certificate program to learnprinciples at the heart of all Agile frameworks.This will provide the basis for understanding Agile in its purest form over four weeks exploring Why, Who, How, and finally What Scrum looks like applied in the real world. Upon successful completion of this course, learners can earn 10 Professional Development Unit (PDU) credits, which are recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PDU credits are essential to those looking to maintain certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

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Applied Scrum for Project Management through edX, a platform for education founded by Harvard and MIT.

Applied Scrum for Project Management