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Accessibility to the Scenic Arts


Is your show accessible?
When we ask about accessibility to shows, most people think about access for wheel chairs: the sitting arrangements and where their WC is accessible.
When we ask for more details, people usually think about producing a show where persons with disabilities are performing, for example producing a show where there is some dancing with people on wheel chairs.
Accessiblity for us is a comprehensive concept that goes from purchasing a ticket through an accessible website to catching the bus back home after the performance on accessible public transport. Accessible webs, accessible web content, accessible transport, subtitling, audio description… the possiblities are endless.
Why is this course useful?
To make the venue and the production accessible to all citizens, and specially to persons with disablities. The course will go through the many accessible services you can offer, and how to implement them in your venue or your production. The final aim is to mainstream accessibility so all people have equal access to culture.

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Accessibility to the Scenic Arts – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona