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Student Transportation Video Contest — $500 — Apply annually by August 31

  • Ease of Completion
  • Scholarship Amount


To enter, you must submit a two – to four – minute video that examines any aspect of transportation in the United States.

Are you creative? Do you enjoy making videos and posting them online? Well you can do this and enter for the chance to win scholarship money! There are many debates recently regarding public transportation in environments like high school or the Congress, and The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) wants you to voice your opinion on the subject. All you have to do is create a 2-4 minute video which discusses an area of transportation in the U.S. Let’s get filming!

Create a short video which allows you to discuss transportation in the United States. 


  • Age Group One (K-12): Entrants are elementary, middle or high school students.
  • Age Group Two (post-secondary/college/graduate level): Entrants are students in a post-secondary, college or graduate program.
  • For entrants who are high school graduates and planning to attend an undergraduate program in the fall this year, submit your video in Age Group Two (College and Above)
  • Any Questions: Contact Lital Shair Nada at

How to Apply

  1. Create a short video regarding public transportation. 
  2. Email Lital Shair Nada at

Quick Tips

It’s a video so get creative! Remember you want to keep the viewers engaged, so make it interesting. Check out the website here to look at the 2015 contest winners video in order to see what winning material is like. On the website you will also find a list of suggested topics that you might want to look at to get inspiration as to what you should include in your video. You don’t have to talk about those listed topics, it is just a suggestion.