Make Me Laugh Scholarship – $1,500 – Apply annually by August 31

Make Me Laugh Scholarship – $1,500 – Apply annually by August 31
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Scholarship Summary

Unigo is offering a $1,500 scholarship to someone who can make them laugh! Apply by August 31, 2016.

Are you a funny person? Do you love making other people laugh? Well then do I have a scholarship opportunity for you! (Note: even if you are a very serious, unfunny person, you can still apply). Unigo is offering one comedian $1,500 for sharing their funniest story.

Write a short response explaining a funny or embarrassing (fact or fiction) event in your life and you could win $1,500. 


  • Must be 13 years or older
  • Must be a legal resident of the US or the District of Columbia
  • Must be currently enrolled (or will enroll by Fall 2022) in a post-secondary institution of higher education

How to Apply

  • Submit an online application
  • Write a short response (250 words or less) answering the following:
    • Describe an incident in your life, funny or embarrassing, fact or fiction, and make us laugh!

Quick Tips

  • Be creative and, most importantly, FUNNY!
  • Proofread and check for spelling/grammar errors! Keep it short and to the point!


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