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How to Save on College Expenses (Frugality is the New Norm)

Frugality is the new norm.

With the insanely high cost of college (and consequently the massive student loan debt), it goes without saying that students should save on everything and anything, wherever and whenever they can.

Because while tuition is a fixed cost, other things we can negotiate.

Yes, haggling is still a thing (although nowadays, it’s mostly with computers rather than with human beings…). Regardless, we should do what we can to save.

So without further ado, here are some tips on how you can save on college expenses. They really are common sense, but reminders never hurt! 


📚 NEVER: Buy from the campus bookstore. 📚 KEEP: Buying books online. 📚 START: using TUN’s Textbook Save Engine to compare prices of textbooks from thousands of sellers. 

🍞 NEVER: Eat out every day. 🍞 KEEP: Buying in bulks and using coupons when grocery shopping. 🍞 START: Cooking at home!

👖NEVER: Buy clothes for full price. 👖 KEEP: Buying clothes on sale. 👖 START: Searching for coupons and deals on

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