Fall 2016 Back-to-School Fashion Essentials



Those 3 little words that no one likes to hear are starting to haunt us yet again. Come on now, let’s say them together: Back to school! Yes of course you still have a good chunk of the summer left, but it never hurts to get ahead of the game and start planning early. The saying “a new year, a new me” starts with getting yourself a new look, honey. Start the year fresh and chic with a style that will blow everyone on campus away. I am here to make you aware of the trends this fall while giving out any general tips I have!

First of all, what is trending this Fall 2016 (as told by the runway)?
➯ Fur

Faux fur is always my go to. Not only does it spice up an outfit but it keeps you warm. It’s fashionable and functional: I like that! Throw a fur vest on with a sweater, black jeans, and black booties. You are good to go!


➯ The Statement Choker 

Hello to all my fellow 90s kids out there, did you hear that? Yes you heard correctly the choker is back and better than ever. First Adidas and now this! Personally am I huge fan of the choker. Especially for me I never really had that edgy look, but I always wanted to try it. It allows you to be a bit more edgy in such a subtle way.


Pink and Yellow 

Boy would Cher Horowitz be jumping up and down at this news. When people think of fall they always assume the colors are all dull and not exciting to mark the entrance into the Winter. But, this year you get to spice up your wardrobe with hints of these fun colors. Whether both colors be featured in a top you wear or throw on a subtle pink trench coat.



I am glad to see that some level of comfort has hit the runways this year. By saying hoodies I do not mean throw on an XL and call it a day. It means get a nice cozy furry hoodie and pair it with jeans and cool sneakers. Or even buy yourself a leather hoodie as shown in the picture below. This is something really cool and different!


The dreaded back to school ~iffy weather~

Is it going to be 90 degrees today or is it going to be 50? No one knows. The answer to this is layers.  There is nothing worse than trekking to class on what was once a comfortable morning to later sweating in your jacket. Wraps and vests are your friends always. Strategically throw on a few layers (that look good together of course) but if you are hot, there is no more sweating through your outfit! This is optimizing your outfit at it’s finest.


Trust me on this one. Getting yourself dressed and out the door always puts yourself in a better position. Do not roll up to class in your pajamas, that’s a big no no. It puts you in a more relaxed mental state and you will not be ready to put your best foot forward

My must have’s this season: Faux fur vest, chokers, a fun pair of sneakers, fun/big sunglasses!

➯ (Faux) Fur Vests from Forever 21

Forever21 Faux Fur

➯ Chokers from Forever 21 (steal – less than $5) or PacSun

Pacsun Chockers

➯ Sneakers from Topshop or Adidas – great fashionable sneakers for less than $100!

Topshop sneakers

*Tip* If your feet are small enough, buy the Adidas kids’ size! It is the exact same shoe but much cheaper.

➯ Sunglasses 😎 

LOFTAll sunglasses now $12!!

Forever 21 A lot of options for less than $10!

PacSun2 for $20!

Loft SunglassesTIP: Trends may change, but do not get rid of the clothes currently in your closet! (Clearly, you can see that chokers have made a comeback)! Keep them and turn them into next years’ style with the help of a few new pieces.

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