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Future Leaders with Big Ideas Get Full Ride to Dartmouth College

Imagine a program where low-income students from developing nations interested in eliminating poverty in their home countries could have opportunities to learn and grow, without having to worry about the costs of education. This is exactly the purpose of the King Scholar Leadership Program at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Students accepted into the program attend Dartmouth for four years without incurring any costs. The program covers not just fees and room and board, but also “health insurance, a new computer in the first year, and annual travel between Dartmouth and the student’s home country.” It’s an incredible opportunity for those students who qualify.

Who should apply? The program is looking specifically for students who are:

  • Involved in their communities;
  • Passionate about creating positive change;
  • Interested in alleviating poverty in their own countries;
  • Capable of succeeding at a top U.S. university;
  • Driven to succeed in whatever they do; and
  • Proficient in English.

King Scholars will receive mentoring as well as leadership training. In their first year, King Scholars will go through a pre-orientation program designed to help first-generation students succeed and have upperclass students as a mentor. They are expected to participate in a variety of internships, networking events and more.  

Upon graduation, King Scholars are expected to return to their home country and work on easing the burden of poverty in their community. They will be supported by an extensive alumni network supported by Dartmouth in their efforts to help the community.

International students who are eligible for the program should apply to Dartmouth, but do not have to apply separately for the scholarship.  

Students interested in the program are also encouraged to send in recommendations from a mentor, teacher, or other leader in their community along with their initial application to the college.

King Scholars have been given this terrific opportunity to get an education from Dartmouth for free, which will equip them with the necessary skills to help their community overcome poverty, thanks to Dottie and Bob King, alumni of Dartmouth, who founded this program in 2012. The couple is heavily involved in reducing extreme poverty all across the world. In discussing the reasoning behind the scholarship, the Kings explained that they founded the program because they believed that if they created and mentored potential leaders, they would go back to their home country with ideas to diminish poverty. “In general, we hope that being a King Scholar will empower these students to feel that they are part of something bigger than just themselves,” Dottie King stated.

Current King Scholars includes students from Brazil, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda and Jamaica who are all determined to use their education to tackle issues particular to their country and make it a better place for their people.

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