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As two scientists with more than 30 years of research experience collectively, co-founders Dr. Cammie Rolle and Dr. Christine Walsh identified a bottleneck common to the 100+ students they have mentored towards careers in science — accessibility. Advanced Science Exploratory Program (ASciencePro) was born out of their desire to fuel and inform students’ passion for science, offering them critical knowledge in successfully navigating their scientific careers.

ASciencePro’s primary mission is to “ignite inspiration through information.” Created specifically for students, the organization’s seminars aim to promote the success of aspiring scientists through career mentorship, scientific foundations and research-focused content. 

The seminars further the organization’s mission to “actively diversify the field of scientific research” by providing opportunities to students “who wouldn’t otherwise have the resources required to pursue transformative scientific opportunities.”

“Science has been something I have always found interesting, but was never something I realized I was passionate about until I found research. I had very little exposure to, and knowledge of, what scientific research was about,” Dr. Rolle explained

“I entered college with a view that since I liked science, my options were to ‘wear a white coat and study chemicals, or ‘become a medical doctor.’ I had no idea what an incredible and rewarding career path awaited me on the other end of high school. Through this program, I hope to help build a new generation of passionate and prepared scientists by educating them about the brain, how we study the brain in research, and helping my students develop a skill set that will better situate them to actively succeed in this field,” she added.

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ASciencePro currently relies on donations and paid seminar registration funding to carry out its mission.

Opening Up Scientific Research Opportunities for Students 

ASciencePro gives students both public and school-based opportunities to gain the skills, knowledge and professional networking and resources they need to succeed in their higher education pursuits. 

Students learn from seminar- and workshop-style courses on professional and knowledge development. 

ASciencePro also offers training opportunities for students through its online scientific journal. Written for students by students, C&C Editorials provides high schoolers with the opportunity to write and publish scientific articles under the direct mentorship of research scientists.

To increase access to interested students, the organization encourages educators to nominate students, who would benefit from attending one of its seminars, for scholarships.

Additionally, students who are interested in attending a seminar can apply here for income-based scholarships.

How Students Can Support Advanced Science Exploratory Program 

High school and college students can support ASciencePro by volunteering to expand its reach and open opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds, regions and interests. To volunteer, sign up here

Students can also support the organization by joining its Science Journaling Team.

To be considered as a Science Journalist Intern, students must be in their sophomore, junior or senior year of high school and meet certain qualifications. For more information, check here

For a position as a Science Journalist Editor, students must be in their second, third or fourth year of college and meet certain qualifications. Check here for more information.

Students can also donate to the cause here. You can choose any of the three funding categories: C&C Editorials, Scholarships and Outreach.

Additionally, students can enroll in the scientific seminars to support the mission of ASciencePro.

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